Updated 23 Feb, 2016

Some are calling this the lowest point in Kareena Kapoor's film career, but the 35-year-old Bollywood actress disagrees.

"I have become choosy, I don't want to do films back-to-back. I am not insecure, I'd rather go off on a holiday with Saif," she says in a Mumbai Mirror interview.

Kareena will next be seen in Ki and Ka, an R. Balki film that toys with the idea of gender role reversal in the home. She plays the working wife, while Arjun Kapoor is her 'house-husband'.

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"We were like two kids on the sets and Balki would scold us, tell us to stop talking and laughing so he could shoot," she reminisces.

She insists she's picky about her projects for that very reason: "I am not a part of any particular camp, I just want to chill and be comfortable while I shoot. I even said yes to Abhishek Chaubey's Udta Punjab for the same reason. The film excites me as an actor," she says.

Kareena is no rush to diversify her career either: "I can't sing and don't wish to direct or produce, but I'd definitely want to write my autobiography."

The Kapoor life

It's likely to be a good read. Kareena discloses that her hubby Saif Ali Khan calls the Kapoor khandaan "a crazy Italian mafia family."

"There are always 30 dishes on the table and everybody is focused on the food and drinks," Kareena shares. "My family is the best thing in my life and no matter which part of the world I am, I will always make it to birthdays and anniversaries. I feel most grounded and connected, when my grandmother (Krishna Raj Kapoor) is around."

But expect no fanciful details about the royal Pataudi life, not many anyway:

"I'm not a Begum. My mother-in-law (Sharmila Tagore) will always be the eternal Begum of Pataudi. She is an amazing mother, wife and actor, gorgeous, worldly wise and energetic. We share a close bond. I love going to the Pataudi palace, it's now home for me."

And she won't dish out on any juicy industry gossip, and there's absolutely zero chance of the Ranbir-Katrina breakup making its way in that book:

"We don't only socialise with industry folk, in fact, we don't even attend Bollywood parties or film screenings. Even if Ranbir has spoken about it to me, it's a personal matter that I'd never discuss it with the media. I love my brother and wish him only the best in life, always," she says.


madhusudan Feb 23, 2016 04:25pm
Kareena always my favourite actress.
Peace Feb 23, 2016 06:09pm
Kareena decision to marry much older Saif spoilt her career. Now she is not getting the role what she wanted. Where the actresses like deepika and Priyanka have landed their foot in Hollywood on the other hand kareena is doing movie along with Arjun kapoor and she also did one very cheap item number. Its really sad because her days in bollywood are almost over. So its better you go on holiday because you won't get role of ur choice any more....But you are far better actress than Deepika and Priyanka. You could have easily made to Hollywood if you had worked like Priyanka and Deepika....
KnowTheTruth Feb 23, 2016 07:32pm
good to go on a vacation with Saif as he is out of work anyway.
tiger Feb 23, 2016 07:51pm
@KnowTheTruth ha ha true
QURESHI Feb 24, 2016 11:54am
@Peace It was Kareena's decision to do those item numbers. She said she wanted to comeback into the industry with a blast post her marriage. So, looks like it was her choice only.