Anita Dongre (L) and Rizwan Beyg (R)
Anita Dongre (L) and Rizwan Beyg (R)

After Alishaan Pakistan, Pakistani and Indian designers will be joining hands to showcase their collections that will represent the culture of both countries at the show titled 'A Fusion of Design', reported Times of Oman.

With Rizwan Beyg from Pakistan and Anita Dongre from India, the show will also bring forward showstoppers from both countries, namely actors Ahsan Khan from the former and Tabu from the latter.

Working with seashells, turquoise stones in colours of watermelon pink, beige and biscuit, white silver and dull antique gold among other varieties, Beyg will display hand embroidered three-dimensional flowers in his collection.

Known for her strict vegan and no-leather policy, Dongre is a renowned designer who is also known in the world of fashion globally. She also strives to pave the way for brands to meet Indian consumers' needs and focuses on traditional Indian cultural crafts . She was acknowledged for this at the Lakme Fashion week 2015.