Did you know? Priyanka was Deepika's first friend in Bollywood

Did you know? Priyanka was Deepika's first friend in Bollywood

"It’s been a lot of fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-star," says Deepika on working with Priyanka.
Updated 23 Nov, 2015

In an industry where celebrities have to be careful with friends and fiends, Bollywood actor Deepika Padukone feels no hesitation in telling the world that Priyanka Chopra was her first ever friend in B-Town, reported The Indian Express.

The two stars seen next in Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Bajirao Mastani will play roles against each other vying for the warrior, but in reality the two share an excellent camaraderie. While Priyanka plays Kashibai, the first wife of Bajirao, Deepika will be playing the second wife, Mastani.

"Priyanka was the first film person I met when I came here. She was a huge star. I had just joined. She was the first friend I made."

"We were so comfortable shooting for 'Pinga' the song that it troubled a few people because it went against what a lot of people thought it would be. People expected it there would be a lot of tension regarding what she [is] wearing and what I am wearing. It was completely different. Sanjay Leela Bhansali would jokingly say 'why can’t you fight'," said Deepika.

Instead of acting like rivals on and off set, the two help each other in performances as well.

“It was great fun. While shooting we watched each others back. If there was a step which I would find difficult, she would encourage me and if she would something difficult I would encourage her.

"There were days when we both wanted to give up and there were days when we both came in with the same kind of energy. It’s been a lot of fun and I couldn’t have asked for a better co-star," said Deepika about their shooting.

The film is slated to be released on December 18.


yasir Nov 22, 2015 01:12pm
No i didn know that......and now that i know, i dont know what to do......
Amit Lunia Nov 22, 2015 04:38pm
They are friends till this movie is released, and may not even get themselves photograph if this film flops
Shahram Nov 22, 2015 07:25pm
Women, They are never friends.
saz Nov 22, 2015 09:58pm
Why do I need to know this ridiculous information. Can our media make effort and provide some sensible and knowledgeable information rather publicizing bolly wood and copy pasting reports of AFP and Reuters and serving their one sided narratives. The intellectual deprivation of society is because our media outlets are not playing their effective roles.
DJ Nov 22, 2015 11:53pm
So what's surprising it really a news?
Muhammad Majid Nov 23, 2015 08:35am
Both good look.
Jawad Nov 23, 2015 02:27pm
And we should care about this why?
Ajay vikram Singh Nov 23, 2015 10:20pm
Checkout the latest trailer of Bajirao-Mastani. It is transcendence. It will take Indian cinema to new heights. The movie is going to be an epic.
Jawaid Islam Nov 24, 2015 04:16pm
I am sorry, but this movie seems a repetition of so many movies put together, especially Devdas. Pinga is reminiscent of the Madhuri-Aishwarya face-ff in the later movie. Although Sanjay Leela can come with other topics to film, but Rajshri harps on the same bloated family background entertainers. Why can't they film other topics! Their latest PRDP is such a waste.
Raviraj Rohini Nov 24, 2015 08:01pm
"Bajirao Mastani" is based on a true story of love between Maratha Peshwa Shrimant Bajirao Ballal (Prime Minister 1700-1740) and his second wife Mastaani. Film is based in Pune, cultural capital of Maharashtra. There have been many plays in Marathi with the same title. He is also known as Thorale Bajirao (Thorale is elder in Marathi)
Kamila Nuha Nov 25, 2015 12:04am
@saz well, you clicked on it, that means you wanted to know! If you would like newspapers to NOT report on such irrelevant stories, don't click on them. The fewer the clicks on certain types of subjects, the less they're likely to be covered. Deepika has a movie to promote, she's just doing her job, truth or no truth!
Ajay vikram Singh Nov 28, 2015 08:00pm
@Raviraj Rohini - Bajirao is called the Napoleon of India, by none other than General Montgomery, who won WW2. He was thoroughly impressed by Bajirao's legendary cavalry charge, and called him a Military Genius. Within a span of few decades, Marathas, under Bajirao, won almost entire south Asia, and were threatening to overrun Afghanistan, and sending Naval military expeditions to nations of east Asia. At the time of his death Maratha Empire was ruling over 3 million sq. Kms. Bajrao, the man who never lost a battle. 46 wars, almost always against forces much larger, and winning all of them decisively. His lady love, his second wife, the daughter of a Persian courtesan, Mastani; played a key role in his success. She was riding alongside him at the front, in all his cavalry attacks. Its one of the legendary love-stories, which has never been told before in Indian cinema. And here comes the maestro, Sanjay leela Bhansali....and rest, as they say, will be history!