You'd think a blockbuster film like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, which had not one or two, but four ladies in the spotlight, would give actresses a lesson in how to get along.

But it turns out that some people just never learn.

Actress Sana, who has performed an item song in upcoming film Hijrat, claims that the film's leading lady Rabia Butt had quarrelled with the director Farooq Mengal because she was unhappy with having to share the spotlight.

"After [watching] my song, the film's heroine Rabia starting fighting with the director Farooq Mengal," she said to Images.

However, Rabia who plays the role of a doctor in an Afghan refugee camp, has totally rubbished these rumours.

She isn't interested in item numbers in the first place, she says:

"[I play] the lead role in upcoming feature film Hijrat, [and] two songs have been filmed featuring myself, but I am not the one to perform an item number on the big screen. That is not where I see myself," Rabia said to Images.

She continued, "Having said that, I have nothing against actors who choose to do whatever is beneficial for their careers. I want Pakistan's culture to be on the forefront as well as our traditional values. This is a realisation that has set in over the course of my career."

Addressing rumours about her demand for Sana's item song to be reshot, she said, "The rumour is baseless. Whoever is stirring this pot has provided me with great laughter during my vacation in heavenly Hunza. It is also a reminder of how people would do and say anything for attention and hype. I smell desperation."

The director wisely chose not to choose sides and fan the flames: "I respect both ladies. These are all rumours. They both work together peacefully and both are equal parts of the film to me."