Imran-Reham split up, and everyone had something to say about it

Imran-Reham split up, and everyone had something to say about it

While some commented on the matter with appropriate seriousness, others weren't as sensible..
Updated 30 Oct, 2015

Imran and Reham Khan have remained one of Pakistan's most-talked-about couples throughout their marriage and now divorce.

While some commented on the end of their marriage with appropriate seriousness...

...others wondered what the fuss was about:

Some took away a life lesson...

...while the rest did some number-crunching:

Some came to realise that the show is indeed over...

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...but others couldn't help but celebrate IK's renewed singlehood:

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Of course, there was plenty of punning:

And the celebs also weighed in...

Hira Tareen called out the misogynistic media coverage of the divorce...

Imran Abbas also sent out words of wisdom to his fan following:

Angeline Malik was suitably sympathetic:

"When two people come together, it's always a reason to celebrate, but when that union breaks, it's always sad. Whatever reason it may be, it is always bad news. My sympathies are with both of them," she said to Images.

But Adeel Hashmi had a completely different kind of two cents to share:

"@AdeelHashmi3: She could've had her name written in history. Instead she decided to be a mere footnote," he tweeted

...and was (appropriately) bashed for it:

Fasi Zaka shared an earthquake metaphor: