Kareena Kapoor still on the fence about Shoaib Mansoor's film offer

Kareena Kapoor still on the fence about Shoaib Mansoor's film offer

The actress is currently reading the film's script in Dubai
20 Oct, 2015

It's THE question weighing on every cinephile's mind these days: will Kareena Kapoor sign on to Shoaib Mansoor's film?

The director has offered Kareena a substantial role in his so far untitled next film, and the actress is currently considering the offer.

Shoaib Mansoor's earlier films Khuda Ke Liye and Bol were well-received by Indian critics and box office alike, so there is no doubt that Kareena will take the opportunity seriously.

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Kareena's friend and frequent designer Faraz Manan confirmed to Images that "Kareena is here in Dubai. She's still reading the script, so [her acceptance of the offer] is not confirmed yet."

If Kareena signs the film, she will join the likes of Naseeruddin Shah (who appeared in Khuda Ke Liye and *Zinda Bhaag), Kirron Kher (who appeared in Sabiha Sumar's Khamosh Pani) and Nandita Das (who appeared in Mehreen Jabbar's Ramchand Pakistani) as Indian actors who have worked in Pakistani cinema.


yarana Oct 20, 2015 01:11pm
Shoaib Mansoor and Karina kapoor both best in their field and their movie will be a classic.
Muhammad Majid Oct 20, 2015 01:27pm
Good look Kareena.
Gulab Oct 20, 2015 05:38pm
Will not get a release in Mumbai.