Not cool to abuse or deride other films and colleagues: Shah Rukh Khan

Updated 24 Jan, 2017 03:09pm

Images Staff

The actor is upset with fans who are abusive towards other members of the Bollywood fraternity

Oh boy! Shah Rukh Khan's a tad miffed at fans, whose tendency to troll celebrities sometimes gets out of hand. He recently took to Twitter to express his displeasure about abusive remarks about other Bollywood celebrities and their films.

The reigning Khan of B-town, Shah Rukh said on Twitter that although social media allows for freedom of speech, it wasn't acceptable to bash Bollywood actors and their films.

But it seems that his views didn't go down well with his fans. The actor soon posted another tweet saying that he wasn't there to teach manners, hinting at those who have no qualms about openly being abusive:

Setting an example for how Twitter can be positively used, the actor showed his full support toward badminton player Saina Nehwal who said that she wanted to be the SRK of badminton. The actor in turn said that he wanted to be the Saina Nehwal of B-town!

Even though SRK said he wasn't there to teach anyone manners, he is setting a good example for people who want to learn from him!