Ali Haider and Sara Raza. — Publicity photo
Ali Haider and Sara Raza. — Publicity photo

It's been a long time since we last heard Ali Haider or Shazia Manzoor, so Coke Studio's upcoming episode marks their comeback to the music scene.

The lineup for the sixth episode is Sara Raza and Fizza Javed whereas Mai Dhai, Atif Aslam, Rizwan Muazzam and Mulazim Hussain will be reappearing in an upcoming installment.

Instead of opting for a new song, Ali Haider will be singing his ever popular ‘Jiya Karay Dhak Dhak’ in a duet with Sara Raza . While Mai Dhai and Atif Aslam will be keeping the folk tradition alive by singing ‘Kadi Aao Ni’, Fizza Javed and Mulazim Hussain’s collaborative single will breathe life into the contemporary semi-classic ‘Ve Baneya’. Mulazim will also be giving a tribute to Reshma as he will also be singing parts of the legendary singer’s rendition ‘Hamjholiyan’.

Like always the great Amir Khausro wil be revisited by Shazia Manzoor and Rizwan and Mauzzam as the trio will croon to the soft melody of rubab in ‘Hare Hare Bans’.

Although Coke Studio's last episode was not aired owing to the Makkah crane tragedy, episode six will go live tomorrow after 1pm.