Top tweets: 10 reasons we wish our aunties were like Aunty Pakistan

Top tweets: 10 reasons we wish our aunties were like Aunty Pakistan

Aunty Pakistan is the latest Twitter sensation for all the right reasons
Updated 06 Sep, 2018

Aunty Pakistan, the latest Twitter sensation in Pakistan, is a superhero in no need of a cape.

Her current display picture borrows from Shahan Zaidi the character of his in-production graphic novel, Bloody Nasreen. If gutsy, gun-toting Nasreen will challenge sexist stereotypes of Pakistani women by waging war against all sorts of bad guys, Aunty may as well be her verbal counterpart.

Kicking ass and taking names — quite literally — she takes on misogyny in Pakistan on the political, social and cultural fronts, and has amassed a following of more than 3500 people over a day and a half.

She has inspired her admirers with optimism and hope, and many want to buy her gifts. Some are quite smitten by her, including our friends from across the border.

We wish more of our aunties were like her. If you aren't aware of her existence yet and wish to cover your 'live-under-a-rock' status, here's a compilation of ten of her top tweets:

Aunty gives us much-needed schooling on women's choice:

And then takes on the men who tell women what (not) to do:

She hits on sexism in all the obvious places, where it remains unchallenged.

From the streets,...

to our minds, where concepts like justice have been warped:

It all begins at home, so Aunty pays plenty of attention there.

She talks about fathers and daughters...

...mothers and sons...

...and since we love ghar ki auratein so much, she also touches on betis and bhabis of the national capacity:

That isn't the only kind of sexism on TV these days; there's plenty to be found in other daily dramas...

Aunty acknowledges that she's only human:

But she isn't going to back down!