Angelina Jolie urges people to ‘learn and follow what is happening’ in Pakistan after floods

Angelina Jolie urges people to ‘learn and follow what is happening’ in Pakistan after floods

The actor took to Instagram and said that people need to push governments to understand “the lack of fair trade, rising emissions and failure to address conflicts”.
29 Sep, 2022

Hollywood’s Angelina Jolie arrived in Pakistan last week to support and directly speak to families affected by the floods. She landed in Karachi and immediately was taken to Dadu, Sindh where she surveyed the damage caused by the floods. A week later the actor has taken to Instagram and shared photos of the landscape destroyed by floods and written that people need to “learn and follow what is happening” there.

On Thursday, she shared photos from her visit and of herself looking out a helicopter window to examine the damage. When Jolie arrived she surveyed flood-stricken areas in Johi via helicopter. “Last week I was in Pakistan with International Rescue Committee and local organisations, to witness the devastation caused by severe flooding which submerged 1/3 of the country’s land,” she wrote.

The Maleficent actor stated that 33 million people have been affected with over 6 million in dire need of “emergency humanitarian assistance”.

On her visit, she met both flood victims and Afghan refugees in the country. “Pakistan also still hosts over a million Afghan refugees who are unable to return safely due to the current situation. Those I was able to reach were still in shock from having fled the Taliban, and now knowing the country they have fled to is in an emergency,” she added.

Jolie emphasised that the level of trauma and compound trauma is severe and how people need to learn about the situation and “be aware of the climate catastrophe” that we’re seeing.

She urged that people need to push governments to understand “the lack of fair trade, rising emissions and failure to address conflicts” are causing more death and suffering to millions of families across the world.

The star previously visited Pakistan in 2010 and 2005 to meet victims of the earthquakes.


TPA Sep 29, 2022 06:05pm
Self created mess. No more freebies and aid.
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Mahmood Sep 29, 2022 06:21pm
While some Pakistanis care more about being in Hollywood movies, TV shows, glitz and glamor than the floods and people effected by them.
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bhaRAT© Sep 29, 2022 06:25pm
No, they won't learn. Human greed is far more powerful. Nothing for the poor or the planet - only lip service!!
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Johnw Sep 29, 2022 06:25pm
Yes off course, world needed her scientific opinions to wake up on climate change. Any advice to Pakistan? About having and implementing a meaningful disaster management plan ?after all it's not first time such floods came. Running around world begging for money and relief can't be the only disaster management plan.
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Texas Tariq Sep 29, 2022 06:44pm
American Angelina jolie came, Turkish Ertugul star came, but where is iron brother? Did any star come from China to highlight floods? All this anti American sentiment is a agenda by our enemies to destroy our relationship with the US.
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Hamed Sep 29, 2022 06:47pm
And then there will be no rain!!
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Simba Sep 29, 2022 07:41pm
She came , saw and made some noise then NOTHING!
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gt Sep 29, 2022 09:17pm
People of world already know about floods and many lives lost in Pakistan and trying to help
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A concerned Pukhtun Sep 29, 2022 09:46pm
Angelina is love ❤️
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Irfan khan Sep 29, 2022 11:42pm
Thank you Angela.. Your a great person. True human being Kind n truthful.
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A shah Sep 30, 2022 01:17am
She has got her 15 mins of fame
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Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 30, 2022 06:38am
Once again, she is 100 percent right.
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Guru Sep 30, 2022 08:34am
She's is also part of big gimmicks, she has earned a lot of respect by visiting the devastation & has promoted herself. Why doesn't she also travel to Palestine, Kashmir & urge the world to do tangible development.
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SMD Sep 30, 2022 01:21pm
@Simba . She was not bound to visit but it was her love for the humidity which brought her to Pakistan. We should appreciate good work instead of criticizing it.
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