5 myths about coffee consumption that we need to stop spreading

Updated 02 Jul, 2021 04:19pm


Our love for coffee isn't unrequited. Here's how

Most of us love to start our mornings with a cup of coffee! Our day is so incomplete without it.

Chilled or boiling hot, coffee helps wake us up and begin our day on the right note throughout the year - duh!

However, with so many myths about coffee consumption, it can become hard to relish your favourite drink without worrying about a thing or two.

Here are five myths debunked to help you go back to drinking coffee without guilt.

Myth 1: Coffee dehydrates you

Contrary to popular belief, coffee is anything but dehydrating. The main ingredient in most caffeinated drinks is boiling water. While coffee may make you pee more – as it boosts your metabolism – it does not dehydrate the body.

Our kidneys are complex organs that regulate the amount of water in our bodies; let them handle the job. Your favourite brew does not hurt the process.

Myth 2: Coffee is bad for your heart

Have you heard people talk about caffeine being the cause of potential heart disease? Well, we certainly know we don't need that kind of negativity in life.

On the contrary, coffee can reduce risk of heart disease. To reap the most benefits, treat yourself to a light roast that is packed with antioxidants to help stay healthy and nourished.

Myth 3: Instant coffee has no health benefits

Well-brewed coffee is superior in terms of flavour, definitely. But instant coffee does not lose its antioxidants due to the processing it goes through.

It's usually cheaper and does not require fancy coffee machines to prepare. So while true coffee enthusiasts may choose brewed coffee over an instant cuppa, in terms of health benefits, both are similar.

Myth 4: Coffee can affect growth

There is no evidence against coffee to prove that it causes growth issues and/or shortens height.

This decades-old myth holds no truth, as coffee has proven that it does not carry any harmful nutrients to cause osteoporosis or weak bones.

While it is advised to keep a check on your kids' caffeine intake, coffee won't necessarily stunt growth.

Myth 5: Coffee increases cholesterol levels

While anything and everything consumed in moderation is healthy for the body, it is key to note here that coffee cannot damage your cholesterol levels, unless you overconsume.

This particular myth has more to do with how you take your coffee and what you add to it.

It's 2021 and we're already done with misinformed ideas on our favourite brew circulating on the internet.

Remember, when consumed in moderation, coffee does great things to your general health. So let nothing damage that awesome relationship you have with your favourite cuppa.

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