'The world will never be the same': Bollywood's Arjun Mathur shares heartfelt memories with Farhad Humayun

Published 08 Jun, 2021 06:18pm

Images Staff

The two were good friends and the actor had a lot to say about Humayun, whom he called a comet or shooting star.

Made in Heaven star Arjun Mathur has shared a heartwarming collection of screenshots from conversations with one of his oldest friends, Overload frontman Farhad Humayun, upon his recent passing. The two shared a childhood courtesy of their parents' close friendship, and memories from the time echo in Mathur's caption.

The collection of screenshots reveal the last exchange between the two, where Humayun spoke about a new song he was working on, his unreleased rendition of 'Dilri Luti', a song that described "exactly how he felt" at the time. The two spoke about the unique connection they found in each other, one "on a higher conscious state". Mathur told Humayun how he loved the song, saying, "It's really so special, no jokes. I've got goosebumps."

Mathur wanted to learn more about the song, which Humayun said was very personal and close to his heart — so much so that he went ahead and played everything himself. It's his song, through and through and Mathur, his childhood buddy, was among the people he seemed eager to share it with.

The Indian actor said the song was not mixed or mastered, and very unlike Humayun's other work. He described it as "one of the most beautiful things I have ever head." He now regrets that the followup conversation never happened and he never learnt more about the song. He's now dedicated to doing so.

"My first memories of Farhad Humayun, or ‘Fadi’, as I knew him, are from when I was just a toddler and my parents’ best friends — Shahzad Uncle and Nivi Aunty — visited from Pakistan," wrote Mathur, who lived in the UK at the time.

He spoke about waiting for the elders to leave the house so the two could enjoy some time on the 8-bit Nintendo of yesteryear, or watch their favourite films at the time, Jaanbaaz and Veerana. He reminisced of the time when his family travelled to Lahore and he stayed at Humayun's house. "I remember the largest aloo parathas I had ever seen at their home.. and the best post-swim chicken sandwiches at Lahore Gymkhana," he said.

"I saw him as my own reflection from across the border," he said. The two seemed to have viewed each other as reflections in another family. Both of them turned out to be artists in their families, were married around the same time, and even divorced around the same time.

Calling Humayun "a drummer par excellence", Mathur noted the accomplishments of his talented and vibrant friend.

Continuing in the comments, he spoke about the time Humayun visited him in Bombay and the two went out to watch the legendary Pink Floyd's Roger Waters live. He remembered feeling angry when he was visited by the police after Humayun left for his hotel who were inquiring about the Pakistani man that had been living in his house. The two laughed it off.

He then skipped to 2018, when Humayun revealed he had a brain tumour. After two surgeries in as many years and not much progress, Humayun decided he was done fighting and decided to live out his remaining days in peace.

To conclude, Mathur answered his own question, saying nothing could be said about a comet or a shooting star. "You just thank the heavens that you were fortunate enough to witness it, that you existed together even for a moment," he wrote.