The second edition of the Chalta Phirta Documentary Festival is all set to showcase a range of thought-provoking films —now straight to your screens.

Launched by the Documentary Association of Pakistan (DAP), Chalta Phirta Documentary Festival 2.0 will screen 9 films spread out over 4 months and will include interactive Q&A’s with the directors and characters following every screening, moderated by DAP team members themselves.

Previously, the volunteer-run festival travelled all over the country and showcased a new set of documentary films in more than ten cities, with plans to return bi-annually. The first edition of the festival was themed around stories of migration and conflict and brought international award-winning Pakistani films to audiences at home, including Emmy winner Armed with Faith, as well as A Walnut Tree and Sindhustan.

Speaking to Images, Fahad Naveed, co-founder of DAP, says, "Chalta Phirta Documentary Festival has always been about making internationally celebrated documentary cinema accessible to diverse Pakistani audience. In round one we went to 13 cities—small and big— and held free screenings and discussions."

"When the virus hit, we had to get creative, and we're very excited to announce the online edition."

This year all documentaries will be screened live — and free of cost — on YouTube.

Naveed continues, "We're showing some award-winning documentaries that have never been shown before. Our lineup include films like celebrated artist Bani Abidi's The Lost Procession, and filmmaker Umar Riaz's Some Lover To Some Beloved, that features Zia Mohyeddin sahab."

DAP aims to popularize the culture of documentary watching in the country by organizing film screenings in public spaces across Pakistan for free, in addition to being an initiative that aims to promote the art of documentary and strengthen the community of documentary filmmakers in Pakistan.

So keep your phones, laptops and tablets handy as from 22 August till 29 November, the festival promises to keep viewers thoroughly engaged and entertained!