Turkish dramas could destroy the local industry, says Yasir Hussain

Updated 18 Dec, 2020 01:32pm

Images Staff

The actor has some thoughts on PTV airing Turkish content like Dirilis Ertugrul.

Ever since PTV started airing Dirilis Ertugrul in Urdu dub, it has been the subject of many debates.

While Turkish dramas have been rather popular here for years, one can't deny the enormous impact this specific show. From conversations around Esra Bilgic, to importance of the drama or the apparently huge effect of Turkish content in Pakistan, something or the other continues to bring the spotlight on the drama.

Yasir Hussain has some thoughts to share as well, and from the looks of it, he is not happy.

Taking to Instagram, he shared, "PTV should make decent dramas and use our own actors and technicians. Those actors which are capable and pay their taxes. Both [Imported] clothes and Turkish dramas can destroy the local industry."

He added, "When your brother, sister and father will be out of work and Turkish people will be given those jobs, maybe then you'll understand what I'm seeing. PTV is national TV. Keep that in mind."

Well, that's some strong opinions right there. And people have taken to Twitter to respond.

Yasir Hussain's thoughts seem to echo the sentiments of Shaan Shahid who's also made his viewpoint quite clear.

Previously, Shaan also expressed his views to Images about PTV endorsing Dirilis Ertugrul, saying, "I have never said anything against foreign content being aired on a privately aired channel... But when a state-owned channel for which I pay taxes extends its support to foreign content – and furthermore, my government especially endorses it – I begin to lose hope."