Asim Jofa along with his team has come up with special protective gear for medical staff that selflessly continues to work in hospitals in order to treat patients suffering from Covid-19.

In a video uploaded on Instagram, the designer showed what the first fabric prototype of the protective suit looked like, all while extending gratitude to his team for helping him out in this noble cause.

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The intention is to distribute these suits and masks in order to help those fighting this pandemic on the frontlines.

"Our mission is to produce self-protection suits and masks for medical staff and doctors. We want to distribute these free of cost to help them," explained Jofa, adding, "We have followed all norms of protection required."

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In a more recent video, he shared that Dr. Seemin Jamali (Executive Director at Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre) and her team had approved their prototype and they will be going into production today, less than 48 hours after the first sample:

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It's so heartwarming to see everyone going their part. The only way we can contain the spread of coronavirus is if we take individual and collective responsibility.