Meera and Amna Ilyas have a dance-off in Baaji's latest song

Published 05 Jun, 2019 03:42pm

Images Staff

Oh and FYI, the song also features Osman Khalid Butt rapping (yep, that happened!)

The Baaji trio
The Baaji trio

As the release date for Baaji comes closer (the film comes out 28 June), the team keeps giving us snippets to get excited about!

Khilti Kali is the first single out from the movie's soundtrack; it's been sung by Taha Malik and features Zeb Bangash.

The song's fun and catchy and has a 90s nostalgic feel to it but we felt like the choreography could've been better; we've seen videos of Osman Khalid Butt dancing at mehndis where he does a better job!

Also, just us or did it seem a little too inspired by way too many Bollywood song videos we've seen before?

That said, OKB's rapping was on point and we're so here for Amna Ilyas and Meera having a little dance-off at the end! The trio seems to have good chemistry together so we're definitely intrigued about the upcoming flick.