From Alina Khan to Rabya Kulsoom: Next generation actors we’ve got our eyes on

We love seeing new faces on our screens and from the looks of it, these five actors have promising careers ahead of them.
Updated 29 Mar, 2023

As audiences we adore all our local stars, but it is refreshing to see new faces rising to stardom. Last year, we saw stellar performances from a variety of actors that have quickly become fan favourites. These rising celebrity faces have worked in projects that have set expectations high. With the promise of new characters, diversity, and more opportunities for the industry to grow, these next generation of actors are hot on their heels.

Rabya Kulsoom

Jo Dar Gaya Woh Mar Gaya

Rabya Kulsoom brings to the table a range of emotions through her performances that have wowed the audiences such as her role as Neelo in Mujhay Pyar Hua Tha. Her acting invokes thought and feelings that has the audience grappling for more.

Where you have seen her: Fraud, Javed Iqbal (film) and Mujhay Pyaar Hua Tha

Where you will see her next: Mannat Murad

What you didn’t know: She loves dancing, choreography and travelling

Dying to work with: I am literally dying to work with Kashif Nisar!

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Ahmad Taha Ghani

“All you have got to do is BELIEVE.”

He has won the hearts of many, and it is no surprise why. Ahmad Taha Ghani is an actor who has continuously impressed audiences with his performances in dramas, films, and music videos. Most recently, his portrayal of Majid in Parizaad earned him widespread acclaim from viewers.

Where you have seen him: Parizaad, Ishq-e-La, Meesni, Yalghar

Where you will see him next: Ehsas (short film), Rafta Rafta

What you didn’t know: He’s a gym enthusiast

Dying to work with: Netflix, Amazon Prime

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Ali Raza

“I don’t give a ship”

Model turned actor Ali Raza is a star performer. At only 24 years of age, Raza has already made waves with numerous projects he has worked on. An absolute winner was his shoot with Indian designer Abhinav Mishra.

Where you have seen him: Bhool Ja Ay Dil, Meesni

Where you will see him next: Mohabbat Gumshuda Me, Gunnah

What you didn’t know: He’s an illustrator

Dying to work with: Netflix

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Sonia Mishal

“A happy life consists of few good close friends and family members who are happy with your success and vice versa. The goal is to lead a simple humble successful life.”

Sonia Mishal is a captivating actor who never fails to surprise us with her performances, the most notable of which was as Kiran in Sinf-e-Aahan. Kudos to her for being selective in her choice of scripts. She opts for projects that bring value to society through entertainment.

Where you have seen her: Dumpukht, O Rang Reza, Meri Shehzadi, Sinf-e-Aahan

Where you will see her next: Ehsas, Rafta Rafta

What you didn’t know: She’s a painter and a massive animal enthusiast

Dying to work with: More female actors!

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Alina Khan

Jay tusi meray pichay hasna hai, mera mazak banana hai, meri juti nu vi farq nahi painda

Alina Khan is on our radar as someone to watch out for. Her epic portrayal as Biba in Joyland stole the audience’s hearts. Her portrayal of the plight of the transgender community also won her international recognition.

Where you have seen her: Joyland, Darling, Happy Marriage

Where you will see her next: Nothing confirmed yet but looks like international projects may be in the pipeline!

What you don’t know: She’s still a struggling artist, despite the fame of Joyland

Dying to work with: Stars like Priyanka Chopra and Deepika Padukone, and local projects that shed light on the issues of the transgender community.

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