Jal singer Goher Mumtaz returns to the small screen with Daag-e-Dil

Jal singer Goher Mumtaz returns to the small screen with Daag-e-Dil

The show sees the guitarist as an anchor who goes on raids to uncover evils in society.
13 Jan, 2023

Jal singer Goher Mumtaz has been missing from our TV screens for quite some time. The last time we saw him was in Mere Humdam and now after a four-year hiatus, he’s back! This time for Daag-e-Dil, an upcoming show for HUM TV in which he plays an investigative journalist who unveils society’s evil.

On Friday, Mumtaz told Images, “My character in this show is of an anchor who raids factories goes after feudal lords, unveils the abuse women go through and all those things going wrong in a society, like Iqrar-ul-Hasan. How he utilises the information he has, into a team plan and then raids.”

He said that his character in the show is someone who raids and finds an intriguing cases and catches the culprit later in the show. In the show, he also hosts a TV show where he talks more about the cases he has solved and has yet to solve.

“My character is solving this case of a woman whom he is getting married to but isn’t aware of the fact that it’s the same woman. But then eventually later he finds out that it’s the same woman to whom he is married, the woman who was sexually abused,” Mumtaz said. He also told Images that he’s doing the TV show after his film with Kubra Khan as that took a long time and also because he finds his character “very interesting”.

He said the show exposes social evils and is a “positive and passionate” project. Daag-e-Dil is a HUM TV production under the MD Productions’ banner. It’s written by Sadia Akhtar who is known for her work in Deewangi, Naik Parveen and Jahan Aara Begum. It’s being directed by Asim Ali who’s known for Mere Qatil Mere Dildar and Rukhsar.

Other than Mumtaz, Daag-e-Dil stars Asad Siddiqui, Naveen Waqar and Hassan Niazi. The drama will be available to watch in March this year.

On the work front, Mumtaz is also working on a new album which he describes to be an EP of six songs, one of which is a collaboration with Aima Baig called ‘Har Saal’.


Aamir Khan Jan 13, 2023 05:13pm
You should be concentrating on your Music career. You are a good singer and your music is awesome. I wish you have more JAL albums being released.
NYS Jan 13, 2023 05:17pm
Basically he is performing drama but Iqrar ul Hassan unveil real life drama
Jawad Asif Jan 13, 2023 06:59pm
One of the greatest musicians and guitarist Pakistan has ever produced. His songs and tunes are still a talk of every youngster and new musician. Good luck with your new project Gohar.