27 Sep, 2022

When it comes to clapping back, Yasir Hussain is not one to hold back. When celebrities were heavily criticised by other public figures and netizens for going to this year’s Hum Awards despite the recent floods that ravaged the country, the Javed Iqbal actor shut them down — but not without throwing some shade.

Responding to a comment accusing him of hypocrisy, he said, “I’m here because of work, the same way you must go to work. The way the cricket team is playing the match. The way the ticket seller at a cinema is doing their job and everyone else too. By the way, you should mind your own business,” he said. Actor Sajal Aly, who wasn’t present at the event, re-shared a post about him shutting down a troll, expressing full agreement.

The Badshah Begum actor was not done though. Continuing in an Instagram story, he questioned, “When our politicians can idly sip on coffee and roam in New York, then can’t I go to Canada for work to make money to pay my electricity bill?”

Going out with a bang, he threw shade at those who spoke out against the awards. “And by the way, the actors spewing nonsense about not attending it weren’t given business class tickets. I’ve read the chat, son.”

This year’s awards were tinged with controversy due to the timing overlapping with one of the biggest calamities the country has faced. PPP leader Sharmila Faruqi was among those who went after celebrities (with the noted exception of Hadiqa Kiani) for not doing enough for flood relief. In an Instagram post, she shared pictures of several celebrities in Canada for the Hum TV Awards juxtaposed with photos of Hollywood actor Angelina Jolie in Pakistan.

Celebs were quick to defend their stance — they stood their ground and explained proceeds from the show will be donated to flood relief efforts. The event took place as scheduled on Saturday in Ontario.