Move over Willy Wonka, Pakistan has all the chocolates we need

You don’t have to give up chocolate thanks to the import ban — local’s just as good.
Updated 07 Jul, 2024

Chocolate has always been something we eat in times of guilty pleasure or depressing moments. From KitKat to Maltesers, chocolate is beloved the world over. However, due to the government’s import ban, getting these chocolates will soon become nearly impossible and is likely to cost an arm and a leg.

But don’t worry because we’ve come through for you with a list of local chocolatiers that are just as good, if not better than imported ones. Each chocolate has unique flavours and uses the best ingredients possible to bring you the best product possible. You can even get vegan and gluten-free options!


Aztec is a woman-owned business based in Karachi which provides you with all the decadent chocolates you could want. These handcrafted Belgian and French chocolates have fascinating flavours such as dark croquette pistachios, cheesecake and more, along with the classic flavours we all know and love such as milk chocolate and white chocolate.

Shipping is also available in Karachi.

Lals Patisserie

Lals is another woman-owned business with outlets in Karachi and Lahore. Lals started as a cafe and patisserie but it’s their chocolates that are the real showstoppers. Their chocolates are handcrafted in Karachi and include a wide variety of flavours, such as dark orange and pink salt, with gluten-free options also sold.


Belco is the most easily available luxury chocolate brand on this list, with shipping available for most major cities of Sindh and Punjab as well as for Peshawar. It’s also available in many stores in Karachi. These handcrafted chocolates have all the classic flavours you crave; from milk chocolate to roasted almonds, and for a price that is truly unbelievable.


Opal sells chocolate sourced from top-of-the-line Belgian chocolatiers, guaranteeing you deliciousness in every bite. And if you think this is just ordinary Belgian chocolate, you’re wrong because Opal offers a wide variety of flavours, some unique, such as honey or peanut butter, and some quintessential flavours like hazelnut or dark chocolate.


Dulce presents a new take on chocolate for the more adventurous chocolate lovers out there, with quirky ideas such as Lotus Biscoff, bubblegum and rasmalai as a part of their collection. Shipping is available in Karachi along with a store also in Karachi so you can see all the delights of this chocolate heaven yourself.

The Candy Box Shop

Located in Lahore, this store is perfect for all celebrations happening at any time. From baby showers to weddings to college graduations, the Candy Box Shop is perfect for gifting mouth-watering chocolate in beautiful settings to make your special moments even more memorable.


Raco uses ethically sourced cocoa beans from Tanzania and the Dominican Republic, giving each chocolate a unique taste, depending on its cocoa beans. Their exotic flavours feature interesting ingredient combinations, like dark cherry, honey and roasted peanut or doodh pati with crumbled biscuit, and can be had in different varieties depending on the percentage of cocoa added. And best of all, they even have vegan and gluten free options!


Candyland is known for its relatively lower prices and huge variety of flavours. Some of their most popular chocolates include Novella, which comes in many flavours, Sonnet, which is a peanut and fudge candy, Now, which is caramel and fudge flavoured and our favourite, Verve.

Dairy Milk

For people who want to stick to the basics, there’s always Dairy Milk. Their classic flavour is enhanced with different flavour combinations such as different fruits and nuts to give each bar an extra oomph. Dairy Milk also comes in different shapes and sizes such as the Bubbly style. Dairy Milk is also perfect for using in other sweet dishes and is an all-time classic that has been beloved for ages.