Sarmad Khoosat shares Zaman, a character quite close to his heart

Sarmad Khoosat shares Zaman, a character quite close to his heart

The filmmaker said the play featuring Zaman was inspired by film Butterflies Are Free.
07 Jul, 2022

Some characters stay with you long after the curtains come to a close and Zaman is one such role for Sarmad Khoosat.

The filmmaker and actor shared some photos of him in formal attire with the addition of golden anklets. He added a phrase in Punjabi in the caption, “Jhanjhar di paavan chhankaar” to highlight the tinkling sound anklets make.

Khoosat said Zaman is another character quite close to his heart and thanked his sister Kanwal Khoosat for the opportunity “to be a part of her stories”.

“From a live performance run across Pakistan to a recorded ciné-play which is available on Zee 5 and Zee Theatre, Zaman stayed with me for over two years,” he wrote.

Rather than wording who Zaman was and what he represented, the Kamli director preferred to let the pictures do the talking. “It was inspired from Butterflies Are Free by Leonard Gershe. Zaman was an iteration of Jill Tanner played by Goldie Hawn in the film version,” he shared.

Khoosat said a tribute to “the glorious Punjabi music of our cinema, Madam Noor Jehan and actor Anjuman Shaheen”.

He gave a special shoutout to the team that included OLOMOPOLO Media, Talha Mufti, Samiya Mumtaz, Iman Shahid, Zain Afzal, Saeed Rahman, Lala Ahsan, Dot Dance on Toes and Asil Baqa, and thanked them for “making this truly special project possible” with their “collective might and hearts”.

Lastly, the Zindagi Tamasha director dedicated the post to “all those who feel they are not seen and heard easily”.