From Shamoon Ismail to AP Dhillon, celebrities from across the world pay tribute to Sidhu Moose Wala

From Shamoon Ismail to AP Dhillon, celebrities from across the world pay tribute to Sidhu Moose Wala

The Indian singer and politician was killed on Sunday by unknown assailants in Indian Punjab's Mansa district.
30 May, 2022

Indian singer and politician Sidhu Moose Wala was killed on Sunday by unknown assailants in Jawaharke village in Indian Punjab’s Mansa district, The Wire reported. News of his death shook fans and friends alike and many celebrities have taken to social media to mourn the loss.

Canadian rapper Drake shared a photo of the 'Calaboose' singer and his mother and wrote "RIP Moose".

British rapper Stefflon Don shared fond memories with the late musician on Twitter and shared a throwback photo of her and Moose Wala on the sets of their music video for '47'.

Bollywood actors Anil Kapoor and Sanjay Dutt also took to Twitter and wrote how "shocking and devastating" the news is. They sent their condolences to Moose Wala's family.

Actor Sidharth Malhotra shared a photo of the late singer on his Instagram stories and called it a "tragic loss" with condolences for his family and fans.

Singer AP Dhillon shared the struggles of a Punjabi artist in reference to Moose Wala's death. He wrote, "Most people will never know the extent of what you have to deal with as a Punjabi artist behind the scenes on a daily basis. With the constant judgement, hate-filled comments, threats and negative energy directed towards people like us who are just doing what we love to do. I always admired how Sidhu was able to rise above it all. he made it look easy and stayed true to himself."

He also made a prayer for the singer, his family and the whole Punjabi community. Dhillon wrote that people of his community "need to do better".

Pakistani actor and content creator Shahveer Jafry took to Twitter and wrote that the singer has got "our hearts".

Actor and model Saadia Khan shared memories of the late singer and wrote, "Life is so unpredictable. Sidhu Moosewala sent me this video of his friend two months ago and today (Sunday) I saw this terrible news that he is no more. Prayers and strength for the family."

Actor and comedian Ahmed Ali Butt also shared the news on his Instagram stories and said Moose Wala's death is "sad".

Singer Shamoon Ismail shared one of Moosewala's many hits 'So High' on his Instagram stories to remember him. by.

Moose Wala has had past musical collaborations with a number of artists, including British rappers Don and MIST, Indian-American rapper Raja Kumari and Pakistani-American rapper Bohemia.

Two weeks ago the late musician dropped a new song titled 'The Last Ride' paying homage to American rapper Tupac Shakur. The song has been trending on YouTube since yesterday and has made it to the top five videos list.


NYS May 30, 2022 01:31pm
Sad demise giving goose bumps 295 match the situation has big fan following maestro of twenty first century generation Punjabi beats RIP
Jeet May 30, 2022 03:09pm
How's it possible that certain criminal gangs & mafia can harass and extort artists like this and also kill them if they don't fall in line? Sidhu complained many times about this issue. It's high time these Canada based punjabi gangsters and their local counterparts are booked to the task. Bring gangsters Lawrence Bishnoi & Goldy Brar to justice for this killing. Sidhu was too young and too talented. Its heart-breaking.
Syed Hasni May 30, 2022 04:05pm
Violence of any Kind is inexcusable. That too against an artist, very gruesome, reminded us of the Amjad Sabri Murder. Should be condemned with all might, and perpetrators should be brought to justice. RIP
NBF May 30, 2022 04:53pm
AAP's jungle rule in effect.
Reema May 30, 2022 06:06pm
Shameless Canadian Goldie brar flaunting on social media how he got Moosewala killed. Is murder freedom of speech too in Canada?
Jeet May 30, 2022 07:05pm
They fired 200 rounds with automatic weapons and 30 bullets hit Sidhu. They came to kill him for sure and they had a plan. He was just 28 years old. Too sad!