Pepsi’s Sohna Tu gets a dance movement going

Pepsi’s Sohna Tu gets a dance movement going

Currently trending on Spotify Pakistan & Patari, the song features Taha Malik with Javed Bashir, Rozeo, Aima Baig & HYDR.
Updated 23 Feb, 2022

The Why Not Meri Jaan train has left the station at full speed and arrived at dance central!

Recently, the Why Not Meri Jaan movement was seen setting the internet abuzz with its catchy tune and groovy dance moves. Safe to say, this one has become one of Pakistan's hottest digital trends.

Latest addition to the popular Why Not Meri Jaan installment, Sohna Tu, has taken the campaign to new heights with the addition of dance to its otherwise musical repertoire.

Aima Baig, one of the featured artists on Sohna Tu, initiated a challenge through Pepsi’s social media, inviting netizens to join the dance movement.

When Aima Baig asked us if we can dance better than her, we said why not!

It didn’t take long for the dance movement to start spreading like wild fire.

A multitude of talented TikTokers hopped on to participate in the challenge

Check out these TikTokers showing off their moves following Aima’s signature pointing step.


Did you saw this Sohna Tu Trend? Here are my steps on it! Join the movement Why Not Dance Meri Jaan @pepsipakistan

♬ original sound - pepsipakistan


Ufff what a Beat can’t Help but dance to it ???? Join the Movement Why Not Dance Meri Jaan@pepsipakistan #zulqarnainsikandar #zulqarnainfam

♬ original sound - pepsipakistan

Our favorite celebrities also joined in

Celebrities like Hammad Shoaib, Hira Mani, Osman Khalid Butt, Usman Mukhtar and Anoushay Abbasi, Ammar Khan, Muneeb Butt, Zoya Nasir, and Ayesha Omar posted their own versions of the #WhyNotDanceMeriJaan challenge and soon after, we saw netizens dancing to the groovy beat while nominating their friends to participate in the challenge.

Check this out:

A dance challenge with no choreographers and dance crews joining in? Impossible

The internet was set abuzz with videos of dance crews and renowned choreographers producing their own rendition of the dance.

To name a few, Evolution Xtreme Dancers, The Colony, Daniya Kanwall, Reham Rafiq, Bilal Hafeez and Rabya Kulsoom joined the #WhyNotDanceMeriJaan challenge and added new flavours to the moves.

Check this out:

What came after, you ask? Sohna Tu took the world by storm!

Here's proof:

Ramshooza (Ramsha Waseem) danced to the Sohna Tu beat in the streets of London

Naz The Poet (Naz Iraj) showed off her moves in Hong Kong

Aala Butt Dance grooved to the beat in France

Ken_ Doll_Dubaiii (Adnan Zafar) danced at The View Palm Dubai

Just recently, LUMS jumped onto the bandwagon, initiating an inter-university dance challenge by releasing their incredible dance performance on the song and nominating other universities to participate.

Here's a quick peek:

From playing on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, to trending now on Spotify and Patari, ‘Sohna Tu’ featuring Taha Malik with Javed Bashir, Rozeo, Aima Baig & HYDR has officially become a hit.

Check out the song here:

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Bro yo Feb 23, 2022 06:07pm
Our youth need better direction. Please don’t do this stuff.
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Ahmar Qureshi Feb 24, 2022 01:59pm
Groovy Retro Disco beat with a touch of today's EDM - Any one would move to this beat! So Why Not Meri Jan :-)
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