What impresses Aima Baig the most? An outfit by Feeha Jamshed

What impresses Aima Baig the most? An outfit by Feeha Jamshed

The singer loved the PSL anthem music video outfit the designer created for her and wasn't shy about gushing over it on Instagram.
09 Feb, 2022

Most of us have outfits in our closets that hold a lot of memories for us. For Aima Baig there's a jumpsuit that she is willing to hold on to for life. The singer shared a story about the combat jumpsuit-like outfit she wore in the music video for PSL anthem 'Aagay Dekh' with Atif Aslam and Abdullah Siddiqui.

While Aslam made the news for his dapper outfits and his wife's styling, Baig too had her fashion moment while wearing a designer she has loved for years — Feeha Jamshed.

In an Instagram post, the 'Baazi' singer wrote that the olive green outfit she wore was her favourite and was something she "fell in love with it instantly". It also made her ask her stylist who the designer was, which was something she has never done before.

"For the first time in my life, I had zero complaints (which I usually don't, but you know how things are sometimes). My first question to Mavi was, stop right there and tell me who made this outfit so fire without even meeting me, guess who it was? Feeha Jamshed," wrote the singer.

She also mentioned that she had been a fan for years and would stalk the designer and her art. "One day I couldn't resist and left a DM admiring how awesome she [Feeha] is and her sense of styling, wishing one day I would lose my mind if she'd make something for me. I kid you not this outfit she made for PSL 7 anthem's video was to die for."

The singer adored the fit, sleeves and everything about the outfit and was pretty surprised Jamshed managed to tick all the boxes Baig wanted in an outfit without even meeting her in person. "Long story short, I was a fan, still a fan, and will always be Feeha’s #1 fan," Baig wrote.

Her appreciation post also received comments from Jamshed herself and actor Mahira Khan.

The creative director of fashion brand Teejays wrote, "This, you, everything is just fire!" and also mentioned that she is a fan of Baig too. It seems like it was a fan girl moment all around.

Hum Kahan Ke Sachay Thay actor Khan asked Baig to take the second position and wrote, "You look amazing and she's just brilliant."


well-wisher Feb 09, 2022 08:27pm
Beautiful outfit - simple and powerful and befitting the singer.