A guide on how to spend Valentine's Day in quarantine

Put away the medicine box and bring out some scented candles! It's time to celebrate love.
12 Feb, 2022

If you are husband and wife, Valentine’s Day can be a special occasion to celebrate your love and commitment towards one another, whether you’ve been married for 10 years, two years or five months. Sometimes a romantic dinner out on February 14 is all you need to take a breather from everyday responsibilities and refocus on one another. But what if you're quarantined after testing Covid positive? Is a romantic date even possible?

It definitely is possible and we've got some great ideas to prove it. So get out of those tired old PJs and wear something nice, because it's time to plan a truly memorable and fun Valentine's Day.

Spruce up your quarantine zone

Being in the same room every day during quarantine can be pretty tiresome, which is why it is essential you liven up the place a little bit come February 14. Your surroundings need to cheer you up and not kill the mood. Freshen up the bedsheets, put away that medicine box and bring out some scented candles! If you don’t have candles lying around already, we suggest you order some from this list of our favourites.

Hoodie Season by Scents on Fire

Motia Noir by Karachi Candle Company

Faith & Beach Walk Resort by Honey I’m Home

Mulberry by Litt and Co

Purple Haze Lavender by Bodycare Essentials

Ink and Poetry by Honey I’m Home

You can also order a customised scented candle from Scents On Fire on their Instagram page.

Watch a movie together

This recommendation is a given of course and if you'll be quarantined well before February 14, chances are you’ll have watched a ton of movies and shows by then already. If you're you're scratching your head about what to watch on Valentine’s Day, we suggest some Hollywood romance classics from the 90s and 2000s to spend the hours. This works if you're quarantined in separate rooms as well — you can watch movies at the same time on different devices.

Our recommendations:

10 things I hate About You (1999)

La La Land (2016)

Sleepless in Seatle (1993)

[Notting Hill]11 (1999)

P.S I Love You (2007)

And of course, The Notebook (2004)

Only a few of these are available on Netflix so you'll have to torrent the rest of them to be able to watch. If romance movies aren't your thing, you can go through [Billboard’s list of The 100 Greatest Movies of the Nineties][14, a hefty list that includes thrillers, sci-fi and action movies. Perhaps Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to kickstart a 90s movie marathon!

Order a meal platter

There's no watching movies without munching on your favourite snacks. If you're looking to try something different (other than the usual McDonalds and KFC meals), we suggest ordering in a food platter, a great option to snack on a little bit of every food item to your liking. Platter Planet has a great selection of platters to choose from. Whether you're in the mood for nachos, burgers or some healthy Keto snacking, just take your pick.

Play board games

Board games are your best friends on February 14, especially when you can’t bear to watch any more movies. There are the well-loved classics you can always opt for — Ludo, Monopoly, Scrabble, Uno, Pictionary and good old Jenga! You can also try out games like Risk, Cluedo, Cards Against Humanity, Cluedo, Catan and Ticket To Ride.

These board games can be ordered online from Bachaa Party or Toy Chest.

Look at old photos and reminisce

Time to bring out the old photo albums (or have them placed outside your door if they aren't in your room already). Nothing says 'quality bonding time' like going through old pictures together, whether they are from your wedding, honeymoon or other meaningful moments. Reminisce the good old days and plan for even grander ones ahead. Now might be the perfect time to choose your next travel destination for a couple's retreat!

Make couple TikToks

This Valentine's Day might be the perfect time to make your very first couple's videos on TikTok. Take a cue from celebrity couple Sania Mirza and Shoaib Maik who make the cutest couple content on the video streaming app. Wondering what kind of TikToks to make? Well for starters, you and your partner can give the 'give your husband your hand' challenge a try, much like Mirza and Malik did here.

Or you can lip-sync to some hilarious mashups available on the app.

There you have it! Some great ideas to help you spend Valentine's Day under quarantine with your beloved partner in marriage.