Shiza, Fizza and the drama clip that has Pakistani Twitter in fits

Shiza, Fizza and the drama clip that has Pakistani Twitter in fits

Two brothers marry twin sisters and end up in the wrong rooms on their wedding night in Haqeeqat and the internet is confused.
Updated 04 Feb, 2022

If you've come across the names Fizza and Shiza on Twitter recently but have no idea who these people are, worry not, we've got you. There's a clip from an episode of A-Plus TV's 2020 drama Haqeeqat that's circulating on social media right now where a bride freaks out and causes a scene on her wedding night when she realises her groom is actually her brother-in-law — twin sisters married into the same house — and the scene has netizens' heads in a spin. Is this the revival of Star Plus?

The story is twin sisters Fizza and Shiza marry two brothers, Zain and Faraz, without having seen them and the men's meddling phuppo has a daughter who's in love with one of the brothers so she switches the brides' rooms on their wedding night to sabotage their marriages so her daughter can have a chance. Dramatic, we know.

The clip is from the episode Judwaa in Haqeeqat which is a Pakistani anthology television series consisting of a collection of assorted family stories. The series featured a different cast in each episode and is apparently based on real life situations. This actually happened to someone out there.

Twitter is just not having it and the reactions range from incredulous disbelief to cringing memes. We're sure this is all of us after we first saw the clip.

Until some saviours stepped in to provide the much needed context, though having context didn't really make the drama sound any better.

Someone even shared the full episode calling it "public service."

But Twitter users were too invested in that scene and said it has gone "beyond Star Plus."

Some were highly amused.

Others just plain bamboozled.

Memes were ready to be fired.

While some users had suggestions for the characters.

One user even tagged her friends Shiza and Fizza and said "your worst nightmare." Save all Shizas and Fizzas from this please!

Sadly, the evil phuppo narrative persists but the reactions sure did make our Thursday feel a little lighter!