Stop trying to marry Humaima Malick off to anyone she posts a picture with

Stop trying to marry Humaima Malick off to anyone she posts a picture with

"When I decide to marry and announce it, you will be informed via a press release," the actor told bloggers, media houses.
24 Jan, 2022

The price to pay for being a public figure is to have eyes on you at all times, dissecting your every move and while the good side is adoring fans getting life updates on their favourite celebrities, there's also a very ugly side. Actor Humaima Malick highlighted this ugly side by calling out bloggers and media houses making assumptions about her private life without confirming the truth.

"This is for all the sick bloggers, you guys need us, I don’t need you. People pay you for PR. Shame on you," she captioned the first of the three posts she made to address the issue.

"My salaam to all those bloggers and media houses that indulge in yellow journalism to get viewership for their blogs and pages. Every other month I'm married off to a person and that becomes a cause of shame for me and my family." She spoke about how celebrities can't post pictures with "people they greatly respect and hold reverence for in their hearts" because some random blogger can post the picture and claim the actor has gotten hitched.

"For shame! Whenever I choose to get married, I will definitely inform you all and announce the good news on my page. So please don't believe such news," she added, speaking to her fans.

"There is such a thing as shame and modesty," she captioned the second post in a one-liner.

Malick expressed disappointment in the social media accounts that use false news to make their posts go viral to increase their followers and post reach. She spoke about her friends and how the media propagates falsehoods by involving people who aren't in the public eye. "We undoubtedly work in the media but the people whose pictures you're making viral belong to respectable and religious households and for me they're precious, religious guides."

She once again addressed "all bloggers and social media people" promising, "when I decide to marry and announce it, you will be informed through a press release."

She concluded by requesting them to stop doing an injustice to people of such great calibre for views. "Do not drag great spiritual personalities into such matters just for some gossip material."

The actor turned off commenting on her posts. Her message is clear and people should verify before making such claims. Just because someone is a public figure doesn't give anyone else the right to speculate about their lives.


Captain Jan 24, 2022 06:22pm
Why one is after such characters and show biz personnel? There is nothing in them, but a model and show off personalities Nd that’s it!
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HMS Jan 24, 2022 09:36pm
With so many good looking actresses around, she needs o stay in news.
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Atif Canadvi Jan 24, 2022 11:58pm
Just imagine the sense of entitlement , when someone refers herself as "Hum Celebrities" Jeez woman!
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Rami Jan 25, 2022 02:25am
Price of fame ! No privacy !
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Stunned Jan 25, 2022 08:08am
She will indeed tell us of her marriages , many to follow
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