Faysal Quraishi draws flak for video of his distressed son reacting to violent scene in Dil-e-Momin

Published 22 Jan, 2022 06:30pm

Images Staff

Netizens were riled up by the video of the young child fretting over his father being beaten up on TV.

Photo: Faysal Quraishi/Instagram
Photo: Faysal Quraishi/Instagram

Actor Faysal Quraishi recently posted a video of his son, Farmaan, reacting to a scene from his drama Dil-e-Momin in which he was beaten up drawing mixed reactions from netizens. While some believed it was funny and cute, others thought otherwise.

Many people took to the comment section of his post to tell him this event could traumatise his son. The clip shared by Quraishi was from a scene shown in a recent episode of Dil-e-Momin where Gohar Rasheed has a go at Quraishi for allegedly harassing his student. The scene showed Quraishi being beaten up and choked and his son began to wail at the sight of it.

Celebrities Faryal Mehmood, Sami Khan and Nida Yasir all commented on the post and thought the child's reaction was "adorable" and "cute".

There were other people who cheered him on in the comment section and found the video funny but there were also several commenters who thought the video wasn't appropriate.

Several commenters said the child would be traumatised by watching his father be beaten up on screen. Such a young child likely wouldn't be able to understand that the violence was staged. Many others said that the look on the child's face wasn't anything to laugh about — he looked genuinely scared.

People felt that children shouldn't be made to watch scenes that aren't age appropriate. "These scenes should be avoided in front of kids poor kid is so scared," wrote one commenter.

Another highlighted that "children are so sensitive at this age. We can't even imagine how their brain is processing such things."

While on the surface the video could be seen as cute — a child reacting so seriously to something that is obviously fake — there is some content that just isn't age appropriate. Any young child would have been distressed at the sight of a fight, but for young Farmaan to see his father being beaten up would have been even more traumatic. Sometimes we don't think of the effect things will have on children because we know the things they are seeing are very obviously fake but it's important to realise that children experience things from a different and far more innocent viewpoint than adults.

Something that results in a laugh for adults could result in a traumatic experience for children and we should remember that.