Shaniera Akram wants you to share some warmth and donate winter essentials to the homeless

Updated 06 Jan, 2022 12:40pm

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The activist posted pictures of herself donating clothes to the homeless to encourage her followers to give.

Photo: Shaniera Akram/Instagram
Photo: Shaniera Akram/Instagram

Karachi is getting cold this winter and while some have the privilege of beating the cold with warm clothes, heaters or even just a home, others are not so lucky. Activist Shaniera Akram is using her influence for good by donating warm clothes to the homeless and hoping it will make an impact and others follow suit.

Akram shared some photos of her venturing into the streets after a night of rain with a long note that included some of her experience and what she hopes to achieve with this gesture.

She described the state of the streets, how the people, their bedding and clothing were all drenched and muddy from the night's rain, making for a very cold and uncomfortable experience.

"No I’m not posting these pictures for praise, I’m merely reminding everyone who sleeps in a warm bed at night that the cold months brings so many problems for people out on the street," she added.

Photo: Shaniera Akram/Instagram
Photo: Shaniera Akram/Instagram

She shared snippets of her experience and called the people grateful saying, "the smiles I received today will stay in my heart forever. One little boy was bare foot and wet from rain and when I gave him a hoodie he gave me a smile like I had just given him a million dollars."

Addressing her followers, she made a call to action: "If this makes an impact on you, tomorrow morning take out what ever blankets, towels, jumpers, hoodies, scarves, old bedding and socks that you have and give them to those in need."

Photo: Shaniera Akram/Instagram
Photo: Shaniera Akram/Instagram

Akram said 7am is the best time to catch people in need on the sides of the road, under bridges, in bushes, on the beach, in sand dunes, at intersections, under blankets in vacant plots and behind shops. "Try to find them before they move on. Your donated blanket or jumper could save someone from catching pneumonia, hyperthermia or worse."

It is refreshing to see people with influence encourage acts of goodwill among their followers. This is the kind of influencing we want to see.

There are several organisations working on the ground to help people that you can donate to as well. Here are some great places you can donate to:

Edhi Foundation

Baitussalam Clothing Bank

Zindagi Trust


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