Javed Jabbar is all set to dismantle our idea of Pakistan-Bangladesh separation with latest documentary

Javed Jabbar is all set to dismantle our idea of Pakistan-Bangladesh separation with latest documentary

Separation of East Pakistan - The Untold Story will be released online on December 16, 2021.
Updated 15 Dec, 2021

Five decades and many lies later, we are still not completely sure of what happened in East Pakistan and how those who had made Pakistan wanted to break away from it.

The three nations involved hold on tightly to their versions, framing images of themselves and the other through their tainted lens of that fateful year.

Recognising the need to clear the myths and present the reality, Javed Jabbar endeavors to unravel the truth of 1971 in his upcoming documentary, Separation of East Pakistan - The Untold Story.

Releasing digitally on December 16, 2021, the documentary will finally replace recalled memories with facts and objective analysis, and also reveal some untold truths.

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The series of teasers released of the documentary highlight four main protagonists from 1971 – Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Sheikh Mujibur Rehman, Mrs. Indira Gandhi, and Yahya Khan, unmasking the role they played.

One would have thought that 50 years on all would be known, but the documentary promises to tell the untold story of 1971; how Mrs. Indira Gandhi laid the foundation of militancy in the region, how the UN speech Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto is famous for was actually detrimental to Pakistan, how Sheikh Mujibur Rehman never wanted a separate nation, and the truth behind the deaths and rapes.

Detailed, meticulous and objective deconstruction of events leading up to 1971 are explained and analysed in the documentary to uncover international politics that played on the soil of Pakistan, with India as the mastermind behind the dismemberment of Pakistan.

There is no doubt that the wounds of 1971 are purposefully kept fresh, and revived every few years to build a hatred for Pakistan and maintain strained relations with Bangladesh.

The documentary is an important step towards accepting certain facts and acknowledging realities of global politics to move towards better relations and strengthening their brotherly ties with Bangladesh.

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