Sonya Hussyn's next role is a powerful policewoman hunting a serial killer

Sonya Hussyn's next role is a powerful policewoman hunting a serial killer

Her last drama Saraab set the 'bar too high' but she's ready to surpass it with her latest drama.
15 Oct, 2021

Actor Sonya Hussyn will soon be appearing on our television screens as superintendent of police named Sara in an upcoming television drama written by the much-loved Umera Ahmed.

The Saraab and Ishq Zahe Naseeb star took to social media to share the news with her fans. "Female police officers are unbelievably underrated for their strength and they deserve more representation!" she wrote on Instagram. "It gives me great honour to be announcing my next [character], Superintendent Sara Sikandar!"

The actor spoke to Images and dished out details about her latest project. "The plot revolves around a serial killer and this [particular] case that Sara investigates," Hussyn revealed, adding that the drama has a lot of "humane elements" and depicts PTSD and the "lifestyle" of police officers.

Talking about her character, the Saraab actor expressed excitement at having played the superintendent and said her character has an "empowering disposition". "Sara enters the system at a time when it is very corrupt and she completely turns it around. She was a very interesting character to play. I remember watching documentaries and spending hours researching policewomen."

Hussyn said she always looks to "reinvent and challenge" herself. "After Saraab, I felt like the bar had been set too high and I had to surpass that. With this [character] I saw that happening," she said. The actor shared how the character is unlike herself in real life. "[Sara is a] very harsh [and] stern woman and [she] has reason to be because of what she does [for a living]. In real life, I’m the polar opposite. When I first read the script, I saw how every single dialogue and expression demanded that I push myself and there’s nothing more I can possibly ask for as an actor [than that]."

Photo credit: Sonya Hussyn
Photo credit: Sonya Hussyn

The drama is a Multiverse Media Production directed by Adnan Sarwar. Complimenting Sarwar as director, Hussyn called him an "institution". "His frames, how he dealt with actors and [various other things] from a directorial point of view were handled so professionally. I genuinely felt fulfilled as an artist.

"My co-actors were also a delight to work with, as was the rest of the cast," she added. The upcoming drama's cast includes actors Juggan Kazim and Usman Peerzada.

Shooting the drama did present challenges along the way. "We filmed at very tough locations," she revealed. "it was shot in the middle of summer in Lahore and it was a herculean task to wear the [police] uniform. After I got done with the shooting, [I felt] a lot of respect for all the officers who have to wear [such uniforms] for hours every day."

Hussyn looks forward to the moment fans watch Sara on screen. "They're in for a treat," she relished.