Meesha Shafi gave us a tour of her colourful Canadian bungaloft and we're in love

Meesha Shafi gave us a tour of her colourful Canadian bungaloft and we're in love

Her home has large windows, greenery, natural light and lots of colour!
18 Jun, 2021

If you've ever gotten the chance to decorate your own house, you know the process is anything but easy. From deciding the colour of the walls to designing and redesigning the spaces in your head, the mix and match can easily drive anyone nuts.

This is why when we see a cute space, we love to admire it and a look into Meesha Shafi's home in Canada has us itching for some DIY too.

Despite the fact that the last few years may have been complicated for the Bhaag Mika Bhaag star, she has made the most out of her move to Canada, decorating her new space and leaving us in awe of how artistic and aesthetically pleasing it looks.

"I recently learnt that our type of house is called a bungaloft," she explained. "It's split into all these levels. While on the same floor when you look out different windows, you'll sometimes be level with the ground, sometimes below and at other times above."

She recently posted a series of images and videos from her home on Instagram.

It has some very large windows.

Shafi takes pride in a spick and span kitchen.

Greenery always adds that extra oomph to any space and Shafi has greenery aplenty with her collection of little planters scattered all around her house.

That natural light though! We just can't get enough of it.

Nothing screams simplistic and cosy more than white, and given how the space is filled with sunlight, we're absolutely loving the theme.

Shafi is currently in the process of painting her walls and is having a blast with her two little helpers and the journey of her creative process has left us itching to pick up a few brushes of our own. Did you know she has a fine arts degree from NCA? Her artistic side is definitely peaking through now and we love to see it.