5 simple ways to make your coffee super healthy

5 simple ways to make your coffee super healthy

With great coffee comes great responsibility, here's how you can be mindful of your consumption habits to reap maximum benefits.
Updated 09 Jun, 2021

Our lives depend on coffee. There you go, we said it!

While some consume it to stay productive throughout the day, others use it to pull all-nighters for that exam season or simply some silent me-time.

Coffee is loaded with antioxidants and does the job of waking you up pretty well. But to reap its many benefits, one needs to be mindful of when and how to consume their favourite cuppa.

Now while you brew your perfect serving of coffee, read through this list of rules we've put together - yes, rules - to ensure your coffee gives you the maximum health benefits.

Use your favourite brew as a pre-workout drink

The stimulating effects of coffee are not hidden from us. It can make you feel energised and give you the can-do attitude to get things done, both inside and outside the gym.

However, make sure you schedule your workout during the day or early morning because drinking caffeine at night is a no-no if you find it hard to fall into deep sleep.

Coffee can speed up your metabolism which naturally makes you eat less. So, it can help us lose weight, along with being the perfect motivator for exercise.

Switch to sugar-free coffee

Coffee is filled with antioxidants which naturally have positive effects on the body.

However, one can easily turn anything and everything against them by adding too much sugar.

If you are not a fan of sugar-free drinks or can't spend a day without sugar, think of making a switch to a natural sweeteners, like stevia.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

We know the world has more fans of coffee than plain water, but make sure you're drinking both.

Before you start believing coffee has a severely dehydrating effect on your body, hear us out!

While caffeinated drinks are mildly diuretic, they will not increase the risk of dehydration. But it is still a good idea to match your water intake with your caffeine intake.

Breakfast first, coffee later?

Said who?

Most people believe breaking your fast with coffee or having it first thing in the morning has adverse effects on health, which is simply a myth.

Coffee does not pose any serious health problems when taken on an empty stomach.

However, for people with digestive issues, it is best to have that cuppa with a meal.

Add a touch of cinnamon or cocoa for added benefits and taste

Did you know most cafes follow this secret trick to give their coffee a unique flavour?

Depending on what you prefer, add a bit of cocoa powder or cinnamon powder to your caffeinated beverage, and amp up the value of taste and health benefits you get.

Both cocoa and cinnamon pack tons of health benefits due to their phytonutrient content and antibacterial properties.

With great coffee comes great responsibility, so be mindful of your coffee drinking habits and drink away!

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