27 Feb, 2021

The name Abhinandan rings a bell on both sides of the border — and while the Subcontinent is still arguing over who came out on top after a military face-off in 2019, rapper Ali Gul Pir is out here releasing a song about it.

In March 2019, Indian Air Force Wing Commander Abhinandan, who was captured by Pakistan after his MiG 21 Bison aircraft was shot down by a Pakistan Air Force jet, was handed back to his country as a gesture of peace at the Wagah Border.

A video was then released by Inter-Services Public Relations showed the officer conversing with military officials in a congenial environment and acknowledging that he has been treated well. "I hope you like the tea?" a Pakistani officer had asked him, to which Abhinandan replied that: "The tea is fantastic, thank you."

For many, Pakistan demonstrated to the world responsible behaviour as they returned the captured Indian pilot. Gul Pir is one such person, and his latest song 'Chaar Darkht/ Tea is Fantastic' proves just that.

The comedian's song was a humorous tribute to the four trees Pakistan lost in the Balakot airstrike. He sings about fantastic tea and fallen trees while gyrating in a forest in the video.

"This is our celebration of Pakistan's Peace Gesture, Diplomacy, and Goodwill. We will celebrate it as Fantastic Tea Day, where we stand by our decision of returning Wing Commander Abhinandan and averting a nuclear confrontation," said the rapper.

He also mentioned having a lot of respect for men in uniform, regardless of which side of the border they were on.

"We have all the respect for armed personnel from any country, who risk their lives for the security and prosperity of their nations; whether they're from Pakistan or not," he added, reiterating that returning a captured pilot and encouraging peace was a sign of courage and victory on his country's end.

"While war-mongering media outlets may think of this as our weakness, we perceive it as our strength, henceforth we now celebrate 27th Feb as 'Fantastic Tea Day'."

Appreciation poured in after he released the song.

Fan-tea-stic work.