Innovative biscuits is bringing local filmmakers and actors together on Digestive Showtime

Innovative biscuits is bringing local filmmakers and actors together on Digestive Showtime

Digestive Showtime aims to support local films and talent, and will release its very first short film on March 1, 2021.
Updated 23 Feb, 2021

Innovative Biscuits recently launched their own short film platform, named Digestive Showtime, in an event at Ali Auditorium, Lahore with the creme de la creme of the Pakistani film industry in attendance.

The event was attended by industry veterans including Noman Ijaz, Resham, and Javad Bashir, with contemporary actors and producers, like Sanam Saeed, Mohib Mirza, Bilal Lashari, Ammara Hikmat, Seemi Raheel, Vasay Chaudhry, Umair Rana and others also present.

Here are the key highlights of the event:

The evening kickstarted with a red carpet and a comedy sesh

Red carpet host for the event and ace designer, Munib Nawaz, kicked off the evening and interacted with the guests who shared their thoughts on this new initiative.

The chat was followed by humourous monologues by hosts Ali Aftab Saeed and Marhoom Ahmed Bilal.

Innovative Biscuit's brand team spoke about the need of creating relatable, relevant content

Delivering keynotes at the event, Syed Talha Imran, Senior Brand Manager and Platform Producer at Innovative Biscuits, discussed why and how important it is for Pakistan's industry to understand and create relatable content for the local audience. He explained that Digestive Showtime as a platform aims to work towards the very idea.

He wrapped up the discussion with a show reel around Digestive Showtime and the five short films participating.

The launch included a star-studded guest panel

The show reel at the event was followed by a celebrity panel discussion, including Sultan Ghani, Mohib Mirza, Sanam Saeed, Ahsan Rahim, Noman Ijaz and Umair Mustafa.

The panel discussed the main ideas behind the five short films, the future of Pakistani film industry and TV, and OTT Platforms among other things.

Trailer of short film Yorker wrapped up the night

The event was closed with an exclusive viewing of the first trailer of the short film Yorker, which was well-received by everyone in the audience.

Why a separate platform for short films?

When asked about the need and significance of such a platform, Umair Mustafa, Director Marketing and Executive Producer, said, “We look forward to celebrating the launch of Digestive Showtime, which aids our brand in bringing storytellers and the film community together. As we take our first steps towards launching this platform, we have centered our thoughts and plans on the filmmakers and filmgoers who have been starved of good content that comes with great production values. Our focus has been good story telling which would resonate with our audience. Many brands have been supporting the music industry, but story telling has received less attention. We have realised the gap in the industry and plan on successfully filling it up with Digestive Showtime.”

Digestive Showtime will officially air from March 1

Digestive Showtime will officially begin on March 1, with the release of its first short film Yorker on Youtube and Innovative Biscuit's website. Lined up to release next are films like, Dou Se Panch, Full Circle, Daughter By Law and Road Trip.

Watch the promo here:

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Paddy Feb 24, 2021 08:38am
Rather innovative biscuits should have fed a few hundred homeless children rather than spend on these useless over fed celebrities.
Sane Mind1st Feb 24, 2021 11:30am
I presume digestive biscuits and helpfull to have a smooth prrrrr in the morning. Seems we in Pakistan have difficulty hence this.
NYS Feb 25, 2021 06:32pm
Promo is rather appealing Want to see holistic work in case of youngs and teens