This campaign is extending the trust teenagers seek. Here's how

This campaign is extending the trust teenagers seek. Here's how

Shoop's 'Trust tou must hai' TVC is urging parents to trust their kids and let them dream.
23 Mar, 2021

A little trust in teenagers can sometimes do wonders, and there is a local brand promoting the exact idea.

Out of the many things which hold back this growing generation from trying their hand at newer things and following their passions is the lack of trust extended by society.

Shoop's latest 'Trust Tou Must Hai' campaign is supporting teenagers by stepping in to bridge this gap.

Their goals may be different but the process remains the same, and the brand is encouraging everyone to understand young minds and help them unlock their true potential.

Here are our key takeaways from the campaign:

The TVC encourages us to adapt to change

The story highlights situations which often create misunderstandings between generations, such as children's excessive use of cellphones.

The brand is encouraging parents to be a bit more empathic; it wants them to view the world how youngsters see it and trust them with little decisions, instead of showing discouragement.

A little appreciation goes a long way

Although millennials and senior generations can sometimes feel like they're from different planets altogether, they still share an undeniable bond of love and a little pat on the back can lead the young to greater achievements.

With 'Trust Tou Must Hai', Shoop is showing us that our seniors might not always understand what young people want, but a little hint of passion and resilience convinces them just enough.

The campaign resonated well with some of our favourite celebrities

When the conversation about the lack of trust between two generations started, local celebs and influencers began posting about their own experiences.

Here's a quick look at some of our favourites:

Iqra Aziz reminisced the time when she had to convince her mom to trust her career choice

Saboor Aly shared how a friend's little leap of faith and lots of trust helped her become a successful entrepreneur

Nimra Khan shared that her family's trust helped rebuild her spirits after an awful accident

Aashir & Falak created beautiful renditions of the jingle

Junaid Akram relived the moment when he told his parents what he wants to achieve in life

Watch full TVC here:

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El Cid Mar 24, 2021 12:22am
Love and trust are two different things. Love is priceless, yet can be a gift freely given. Children's right to their parents love is absolute. Nature stamped that into the genes. And it does not end at the grave. But trust is not a right. Trust is not a gift to be given granted gratuitous. Trust has to be earned the hard way. Love is unconditional. One can love without trusting. And one can trust without loving. Society does not care, or owe anyone either.