After four tumultuous years, it is time for the Donald to exit.

US President Donald Trump leaves the presidency today under a dark cloud of his own making, ending his single four-year term stained by two impeachments, deep political divisions and his handling of a pandemic that has caused 400,000 nationwide deaths.

Trump, 74, is bidding farewell to the White House hours before President-elect Joe Biden is inaugurated, in a final display of pique at his failure to win re-election.

Trump, who is currently banned from Twitter after his supporters stormed the US Capitol on Jan 6, and his wife Melania will fly to Florida and his arrival at his Mar-a-Lago club in Palm Beach is being timed to get him behind the wall of the resort before his term as president expires.

What will become of his legacy as a president and whether he will be able to rebuild his largely tarnished brand is yet to be seen. For now, here's what we do know: #TrumpsLastDay was trending on Wednesday, majority of the people seem happy to see him go and memes can be found in abundance.

It's only natural that Twitter has a lot to say about the president who tweeted non-stop during his time in office.

Here, we shortlist some of the catchiest tweets we spotted.

Twitter is showing no mercy

Remove me if you can

How about some alternate reality

Oh Nigella, you're so cheeky

In all fairness, some were sad too

In the end, it's goodbye and good riddance

And a musical number to end it all