The 19-year-old LUX Style Awards carries an enviable legacy that is one of a kind. The platform has been producing iconic moments on stage with magical dance performances and tributes to Pakistan's legendary stars.

Celebrity hosts sharing love and laughter with all who climb up the glamourous stage, tear jerking lifetime achievement awards, rousing winning speeches, a showcase of everything that’s worthy and fantabulous in the Pakistani entertainment and fashion scene, the incomparable LUX Style Awards have, through these tumultuous years, given us memories that encompass a lifetime.

Here are few of Pakistan's most celebrated influencers talking about their favourite LSA moments:

Aamna Haider Isani

When talking about the LSA's glorious memories, Aamna Haider Isani, Editor at Instep and the face of entertainment website Something Haute, says her most memorable moment was a throwback to the 7th Lux Style Awards that took place in 2008 where Atif Aslam performed a tribute for the true folk legend Reshma.

She explained how stirring it was to watch Reshma, now advanced in age but still the star, come on stage and sing her widely acclaimed 'Lambi Judai', a song that has been the most heartfelt of all times. Later she was joined by Atif Aslam and Shehzad Roy on stage, where the former was seen going down on his knees to seek blessings and pay homage to her art. It was a very emotional moment for the audience as they all gave Reshma an instinctive standing ovation. Two of the most loved artists of Pakistan were seen together on stage for the first and the last time, leaving an impact that is truly the stuff of tribute goals.

Watch this for more on what Aamna Haider said about her favourite LSA moments:

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Maliha Rehman and Rabia Mughni

Maliha Rehman, a lifestyle journalist and contributor at Images, and Rabia Mughni from Fuchsia Magazine, shared that their most memorable moment from last year's LSA was when Atif paid a tribute to iconic star Shabnam, one of the most successful leading ladies in Pakistan’s cinematic history, who was also presented with the Unilever Chairman’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

Atif performed one of Pakistan's most celebrated Lollywood numbers from the movie Aina, 'Mujhe dil se na bhulana' took Shabnam, who in the front row, down memory lane; the singer took Shabnam to the stage as leading celebs of the industry performed a medley of her most celebrated songs.

Fittingly, Shabnam and the celebs were joined on stage by Nadeem, another legendary name in Pakistan's film industry and one of Shabnam's leading co-actors; Nadeem also remains one of the very first recipients of this award, which was first introduced at the 2nd LUX Style Award in 2003.

The duo seen together after a gap of 30 odd years received a standing ovation. The audience rejoiced when Shabnam narrated stories from her experience of working with Nadeem, smiling as she mentioned that Nadeem was always late on set and that she was truly surprised to see him reach the LSA shows in time.

Watch Maliha talk about her favourite Nadeem and Shabnam moment from last year's LSA:

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Here's how Rabia Mughni remembers the warm tribute for Shabnam from the LSAs:

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Hassan Choudary

Managing Editor at Something Haute, Hassan Choudary's most memorable moment is the 2017 LUX Style awards where Reema rehearsed for her surprise performance before the show.

In a true fan moment, Hassan got so mesmerised that he couldn’t take his eyes off the star that Reema is. For Hassan, she recreated the same unforgettable magic on stage in a white dress wearing her million dollar smile.

Watch this:

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Amna Niazi

Amna Niazi, of Siddy Says, remembers a hilarious moment from LUX Style Awards when Ahmed Ali Butt and Uzma Khan were called on stage to present the award for the Best TV Actor (male). Uzma accidentally announced the winner's name before the category was presented, when Ahmed Ali Butt jumped in to cover with his signature wit and wisdom.

Also memorable for stirring in lots of emotion and awe in the air was the moment when Feroz Khan handed over his award to legendary actor and fellow nominee, Qavi Khan.

This was the moment that Amna feels became her best LSA memory.

Watch her talk about it here:

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Salima Fareesta

Famous lifestyle Influencer, Salima Feerasta's most memorable moment from the LUX Style Awards was where ace stylist and makeup guru Nabila was presented her Lifetime Achievement Award in Fashion by her now grown up sons.

The moment was full of emotions for Nabila, who as a teenage mom, established her business empire while bringing up her boys. Nabila, always one step ahead of everyone, spoke about the influencers of today, and urged them make good use of their influence and followers for the betterment of the society.

Watch Salima discuss this moment here:

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Faiza Lakhani

Faiza Lakhani from Secret Closet talked about her most memorable moment from LUX Style Awards by recalling Yasir Hussan's proposal to Iqra Aziz.

For Faiza, one of the most beautiful moments of the night was when Yasir got down on one knee and proposed to Iqra, who was seen full of emotion and surprise in response.

With Iqra giving the proposal a heartwarming nod, the audience clapped and cheered the two on.

Watch this:

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For years, the LUX Style Awards have been giving us many feel good, feel proud of our legacy moments that continue to warm our hearts. The LSAs have had an outstanding journey with oodles of style, glamour and unique performances.

The LSAs look forward to creating more memories with the 19th edition that has been recorded virtually and will be aired on December 31, 2020. The event is all set to celebrate Pakistani achievements in 28 categories.

The 19th LUX Style Awards will be aired exclusively at 8 pm Dec, 31 on the LSAs' official Youtube account and on Geo Entertainment on 2nd January at 7:30pm.

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