It's a wrap! Behind the scenes of Fawad and Mahira's highly anticipated Neelofar

It's a wrap! Behind the scenes of Fawad and Mahira's highly anticipated Neelofar

"My darling Neelofar I shall miss you oh so much," Mahira posted as filming finally wrapped after a Covid hiatus.
09 Dec, 2020

Covid put many things on hiatus this year and among them were movies that were being filmed, such as the Fawad Khan and Mahira Khan starrer, Neelofar.

While the audience has been itching to know more, not much has been disclosed of the movie which — based on the duo's appearance on Humsafar — is bound to be a dose of entertainment and insane chemistry.

The Kapoor and Sons star maintains a low profile and shares little online but lucky for us, his co-star Mahira has been updating fans on the movie, building their excitement one post at a time.

“We were shooting for the film before this entire situation [Covid] happened. There were only 10 days left for the shooting but now we don’t even know when it’ll be finished," she had previously said.

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Now, as filming came to a close, she shared snipepets from the set with this message: "I take with me a piece of you [...] leaving a bit of my soul with you. My darling Neelofar I shall miss you, oh so much."

She also went on to give a shout-out to all those who worked tirelessly on the project, whose last ten days of shoot were halted due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"Here is a shout-out to all those who worked on this film. Each and every one of them put their heart and soul in it. Can’t wait for all of you to see our hard work and love on your screens soon. Ameen!" she addressed her fans.

Now that filming is over, we can add the movie — written by Ammar Rasool and a Qasim Mehmood production — to our must-watch list for next year.


Farhan Dec 09, 2020 02:53pm
Cant wait for it..
Saira Dec 09, 2020 04:13pm
So looking forward to this epic work!
Mahmood Dec 09, 2020 04:48pm
Love to both Khans, F & M. ❤️
Drone Dec 09, 2020 05:28pm
Mahira looks old. Time for a change.
Laila Dec 09, 2020 05:53pm
NYS Dec 09, 2020 06:24pm
Start promoting yes
N abidai Dec 09, 2020 10:29pm
Great to see the best pair on the big screen !
Ali Mehdi Dec 09, 2020 11:34pm
Except of humsafar the actor Mahira khan hasn’t done any impressive work. There’s always the same acting. No versatility.
Laila Dec 10, 2020 03:06pm
@Drone she looks fine and young.
Shameem usman Dec 12, 2020 12:07pm
None of my business.
Mr. Malaria Dec 13, 2020 08:11pm
Kapoor and Sons and Raees still remain their best and biggest projects to date.
Human Dec 14, 2020 05:34pm
A generation has grown watching these two never get old ;-)