We already know the bad news: learning turning virtual during the coronavirus pandemic has translated straight into bored kids and harried parents.

The good news? National Ketchup Factory is out with a series of informative webisodes that encourage learning and make it fun.

In conversation with Wajahat Eijaz, Marketing Manager, Food Division at National Foods Limited, we set out to find more about NKF and its plans on revamping the online space for Pakistani kids.

What is 'funology' at National Ketchup Factory?

"We know that our little humans can grow up to be anything they want and no matter how big they dream, all they need is a platform that binds lots of learning with fun", says Wajahat. "This is why National Food has stepped forward with National Ketchup Factory, a unique web show hosted by kids for kids based on the concept of funology."

The process of learning is made all the more fun through exciting DIY projects, recipes, and many more with Asher and Noya hosting the kids’ gang.

Together, the kids are learning and discussing different topics in each episode of the show; from space and music to the wild world of a jungle, there are myriads of realms ready for kids to explore.

Why did National Foods tie up a ketchup product with a web show?

Wajahat and his team feel that ketchup consumption in Pakistan is largely driven by kids; it helps them finish their meals which is a major concern for most moms. National Foods feels there is a lack of engaging shows for kids in the country where fun and learning go hand in hand.

NKF is unique, action-based content created to help brand recall for National Ketchup while strengthening its connection with the target audience.

Are brands in Pakistan doing enough to use social media as a tool to educate children in a fun and positive way? What can be improved and how?

Apart from a few local brands, not many brands in Pakistan are making the best possible use of social media in creating fun content to educate our kids.

I believe digital platforms should be encouraged so kids can enjoy quality content, making their screen time productive.

What's next? Does the brand intend to keep investing in such initiatives in the future as well?

For National Foods, so far the intention is to continue with this initiative and build a long term platform that can bring parents and kids together, and help them achieve success and growth that all households wish for their children.

For us at National Foods Limited, we believe in building our business on customer narrative. With data and insights coming through various consumer based learnings after the launch of National Ketchup Factory, delivering the right value proposition for our products is what will help us drive new and innovative traditions in food.

Campaign highlights

National Ketchup Factory has designed activities centered on kids’ development; targeting fine motor skills, communication, interaction, creative and cognitive skill development in an interactive manner.

Not only does that help expand kids’ imagination, the show also aims to help kids recognise their interests and talent which can later help them make the right career choices.

In addition to all that, NKF has launched a Mom Squad - a group that includes Sarwat Gilani, 10 mom influencers and 3 Facebook groups - that focuses on engaging the audience every week as the episode goes live.

Check out these clips:

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The first season of National Food Factory has 12 unique episodes; the latest 4 can be watched here.

Activities from mom influencers and others can be found here.

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