Updated 29 Jan, 2021

What happens when the daughter of an assassinated former prime minister and a former president is all set to tie the knot? Chatter, chatter and lots of chatter.

As invitations for Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari's engagement ceremony floated across social media and news outlets, many started speculating intricate details about the newest member about to be associated with the famous political dynasty.

Who is the fiancé? What does he do? How was the marriage arranged? Pakistanis couldn't help but speculate, sharing unverified photos and information about Bakhtawar's soon-to-be husband.

Amidst the concocted stories, the Pakistan Peoples Party decided to put an end to the rumours and clarify "all the misinformation being shared on social and electronic media".

Here's everything you need to know about Bakhtawar's beau.

"Mahmood Choudhry is the son of Mohammad Younas and Begum Suraiya Choudhry who hail from the old town of Lahore, Pakistan. Mr Younas migrated to the United Arab Emirates in 1973 where through hard-work he established businesses in the construction and transport industry," the formal announcement read.

The party also revealed that Mahmood, Bakhtawar's fiancé, was the last born of 5 siblings and born in the city of Abu Dhabi on July 28, 1988 (which makes him 32 years old).

"He completed his primary schooling in Abu Dhabi and secondary schooling in the United Kingdom. Mahmood further went on to study law at the University of Durham."

Choudhry's country of residence will remain the UAE, where he runs businesses in construction, finance and tech, the party confirmed.

On his Instagram, Choudhry refers to himself as a lawyer, contractor and tech VC who "loves polo, cricket and rugby".

Grateful for the love and wishes, the 30-year-old also cleared the air, revealing that the invites were leaked even before they were officially sent out.

"Thank you everyone for the good wishes. Unfortunately the cards were leaked before even scheduled to be officially sent!" Bakhtawar posted.

"Have absolutely NO affiliation with any family in the US which is being popularly quoted by most media. Hope this clears up all misinformation."

We'll make do with the bio until the engagement, scheduled for Nov 27, when we're hoping to get a glimpse of him!


Babar Hussain Nov 17, 2020 12:15pm
Why is this so important?
hamid shafiq Nov 17, 2020 12:17pm
issue not related to business or his residency but their religion.
Chrís Dăn Nov 17, 2020 01:33pm
The daughter of an assassinated Prime minister and a former PM of Pakistan- a good introduction. However, how the lady will introduce herself as a member of this planet in 21st century if asked to tell her own accomplishments as a human being and her own identity as Bakhtawar only without any addition of Bhutto and Zardari.
Sab Se Pehle Pakistan Nov 17, 2020 01:50pm
Doesn't matter who the groom is but Rao Anwar will be the chief guest of the ceremony. Congratulations on this wonderful alliance between PPP and PML-N.
Zak Nov 17, 2020 02:04pm
Good luck to both.
Sheraz Ali Rizvi Nov 17, 2020 02:26pm
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan This is a Political marriage for sure to gain benefits.
FAZ Nov 17, 2020 03:21pm
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan So he hails from Lahore makes him a Noon supporter?
MONIER Nov 17, 2020 03:25pm
Very confusing clarifications and why now? Zardari's have to always give a political twist to everything to score politically
M. Emad Nov 17, 2020 03:56pm
. Bilawal Bhutto-Zardari ? . Fatima Bhutto ?
Ali Nov 17, 2020 04:24pm
Interesting they had to include the term "through hard work" to describe the source of the boy's wealth. That makes a pleasant change from the Zardari, Bhutto and Sharif clans. Working hard is anthema to our politicians.
Atiya Sami Nov 17, 2020 04:37pm
Queen Nov 17, 2020 05:13pm
Wonder if common PPP jiyalas would be invited?
Ifti Malik Nov 17, 2020 05:44pm
Good wishes for the young couple. Please let them live their lives in peace without excessive paparazzi style harassment.
Pamir Nov 17, 2020 06:06pm
Congratulations Choudhry Bakhtawar Bhutto Zardari or CBBZ
Ahmad Gul Nazir Nov 17, 2020 06:36pm
I and the boy would-be husband have same birthdays
Al Nov 17, 2020 06:40pm
Forget the fiance, how is the swiss bank accounts looking? 7 digits still?
Syed Ahmed, Canada Nov 17, 2020 08:13pm
Soon Bakhtawar would be called as Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari Choudhry. In short Bakhtawar BzC
well-wisher Nov 17, 2020 08:37pm
Thanks for the clearing the air on who the groom will be etc. Meantime, spend time on preparation bit have a simple wedding despite the wealth and set a good example to all PK People.
Fast comment Nov 17, 2020 08:54pm
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan . Besides Rao Anwar, Riaz Lalji, Uzair Baloch, Dr Asim Hussain, A Rehman Malik, and yet many other distinguished friends & associates will certainly grace the auspicious occasion.
TANVIR Nov 17, 2020 09:14pm
@Sab Se Pehle Pakistan congratulation on this great comment. It was not possible without SSP Rao Anwar.
ANS Nov 17, 2020 10:27pm
@hamid shafiq Why?
bhaRAT© Nov 17, 2020 10:44pm
@M. Emad And your point is??
Marquis de Sade Nov 17, 2020 11:02pm
@hamid shafiq: why? He is not a Muslim?
TZaman Nov 17, 2020 11:47pm
Your daughter of our heroine BB. You will definitely face flaks from groups of our societies. Be BB's daughter. Enjoy your new stage in life.
Sid Nov 17, 2020 11:49pm
Those who say she has nothing to do with politics and keep her out of it are wrong. She actively promotes agenda of her corrupt party on her Twitter account.
Khalil Nov 18, 2020 04:37am
Why does it say president on the engagement card??
Javed Arshad Nov 18, 2020 04:56am
Why does he write President with his name, is he still dreaming ?
Pathanoo Nov 18, 2020 05:03am
So what if there was an affliation with an American family? Would that some how defile the relationship?
INDEPENDENT Nov 18, 2020 07:10am
I extend my best wishes to both Bakhtawar and Mahmood.
MONIER Nov 18, 2020 07:55am
I wish they all get married and settle in the US and give a break to Pakistan for good.
Faraz Nov 18, 2020 08:14am
Good riddance BBZ
Chrís Dăn Nov 18, 2020 12:00pm
@MONIER really a wonderful comment. I wish and pray all Zardari family with Bilawal on top should marry Pakistani Americans and immigrate there forever and leave Sindh for irdinary people to rule. I wish and I pray that Maryam should think to end her plans for earning mire loot money somehow and with her arrogant husband may shift to her home in UK. We do not need them.
Jamil Ahmed Nov 18, 2020 12:36pm
Like anyone cares
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Nov 18, 2020 01:08pm
Who cares?
Sabrina Nov 19, 2020 05:42am
@MONIER why in the United States and not in another Muslim country?
Right Nov 23, 2020 07:08pm
Best of luck to Bakhtawar.
Sikander khan Nov 24, 2020 02:23am
The grooms fathers name is younas chaudhry his picture was the same as on his Atlas oil site (later removed from tweets) he single handily built the biggest Ahmadi mosque in Houston Texas which is also one of the biggest mosques in America, he is self made and from a single run down well built a $52 mil a year oil business. I don’t think it will make any difference as it made no difference to Bill Gates when his only daughter married an Egyptian Muslim.