Remember when you were a kid and got excited seeing someone you knew on television? Remember the time you'd watch cricket fans do happy dances on camera? The time you thought it was the coolest thing in the world? We still have people who celebrate these little moments of joy!

In these otherwise trying times, a video of Nimra Ali has been making the rounds on social media - a girl full of energy and over the moon about her star moment. Caught off guard by reporters in a park, she couldn't hold her excitement when asked for an interview.

With her chirpy attitude and bubbly enthusiasm, Nimra has the internet vibing with her energy; big smiles all around as they watch her talk about finally appearing on TV and having her dream come true.

Some have delved straight into an existential crisis

This woman is an inspiration

You did it, girl!

While others have decided to stay in this happy bubble, by hook or by crook

Collectively praying for Nimra to stay the same

Credit is due, and well-deserved