J. introduces WhatsApp chatbot to innovate customers' online shopping experience

J. introduces WhatsApp chatbot to innovate customers' online shopping experience

JBot is a round-the-clock, WhatsApp-enabled shopping assistant that offers real-time solutions to customers.
Updated 09 Nov, 2020

We'll just admit, we would pick online shopping over offline shopping any day. It saves time, involves much less hassle, and keeps us safe during these challenging times.

With futuristic marketing practices entering the retail industry of Pakistan, J. has stepped forward as the first Pakistani brand in e-retail to have launched a WhatsApp chatbot, named JBot.

The feature has been introduced to enrich the overall experience of online shopping, and while at it, transform the way Pakistanis shop online.

What is JBot?

JBot is a round-the-clock shopping assistant with a user-friendly interface, offering a personalised online shopping experience using WhatsApp.

Given the rapid shift from voice-based to messaging-based communication in customer service, the idea was to come up with a solution that enables J. customers to have conversations on their own terms; the service allows them to leave chat and return, or reply whenever they want to, without active waiting time, and get immediate answers to common problems.

JBot is a thoughtful step towards making online customer service less intrusive and more efficient for customers.

The service is simple to use and highly accessible as almost all online shoppers are familiar with the messaging app, WhatsApp.

How does JBot work?

With the option of connecting with a representative available, JBot is a WhatsApp-enabled chatbot that provides real-time solutions to online customers for any queries, including:

  1. Tracking the order through a link by simply entering the order number, visiting the website as well as giving feedback and filing complaints related to late delivery, returns or exchanges, incorrect orders or any other issue that the customer may face.

  2. Finding out the nearest store location by simply dropping their location pin. Customers can also access the list of all J. outlets using this option.

  3. Accessing the latest catalogues for all collections.

  4. Getting answers for all corporate inquiries including partnerships, sponsorships, corporate orders and others.

  5. Submitting requests for a new silver loyalty card that offers a 7.5% discount on purchases or inquiring about loyalty points by simply entering the 14 digit number of the card.

  6. Customers can also get real-time updates and guidance about their orders and queries by simply sending a text message via WhatsApp on JBot’s number 0321-111-5368 (JBOT)

According to the brand, they felt the need of launching such a service when more and more customers switched to online shopping during the pandemic.

In order to meet the ever-growing demands of customers, ensuring timely deliveries and prompt responses to customer queries, the retail brand decided to introduce this interactive service to facilitate loyal customers as well as revolutionise e-commerce in Pakistan.

For more updates on J., visit their official website.

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Fazal Din Nov 07, 2020 09:28am
Congratulation to Sohail Hamid Khan & all the team of J. for this elevation in business.
Bilal khan Nov 07, 2020 10:58am
What’s innovative in this? This is quiet an old tool which many other retailers and brands have been using since years.
Dawar Nov 07, 2020 01:53pm
@Bilal khan example please?