PTA has blocked 5 dating apps in Pakistan. What's next, joy? asks Twitter

PTA has blocked 5 dating apps in Pakistan. What's next, joy? asks Twitter

Say bye bye to Tinder, Tagged, Skout, Grindr and SayHi
Updated 03 Sep, 2020

Earlier in the week, when chatter started on social media that dating apps like Tinder might be down and the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) was behind it, we didn't pay much heed to it.

We're still in the middle of a global pandemic and at the moment, reeling from the devastating aftermath of the monsoon season on Sindh so clearly we have bigger problems to deal with.

But a statement from the PTA has indeed confirmed the news and left Pakistani adults ticked off as their banning spree continues (remember when they went after PUBG?).

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Tinder, Tagged, Skout, Grindr and SayHi have all been blocked in the country due to the "negative effects of immoral/indecent content" found on them.

However, the statement added that the PTA can "reconsider blocking" of the said applications provided their company managements assure adherence to local laws "with respect to moderating the indecent/immoral content through meaningful engagement" and asked them to remove "dating services". Don't know how they expect dating apps to remove dating services but okay...

You can imagine how this did not go down well on Twitter.

Some excellent suggestions...

And questions!

Already on to quick solutions. After all, we are the most resilient bunch!

Where is the lie?

Just sayin'...

Convinced rishta aunties are responsible for this

Celebs, they're just like us!

Who's gonna tell them?

But in Pakistan, it's all about priorities


M. Emad Sep 02, 2020 02:30pm
TikTok ?
Kaleidoscope Sep 02, 2020 02:36pm
Good news after all this is Islamic republic of Pakistan.
Asad Sep 02, 2020 02:56pm
HAA Sep 02, 2020 03:32pm
It may be well intentioned, but online safety education is the best solution because there will always be other ways for harassers to target their victims.
Ali Vaqar Awan Sep 02, 2020 04:28pm
This shows PTA and government are totally frustrated souls who are losers. Our government is good at snatching freedom and banning every thing. Welcome to stone age era.
SB Sep 02, 2020 05:28pm
legacy of Gen. Ziaul Haq
D’Souza Sep 02, 2020 05:46pm
Pakistan should build their own halal version of tinder: hinder.
Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad Sep 02, 2020 06:36pm
Great move.
kp Sep 02, 2020 06:46pm
Ban Internet, the root of evil
Amir Sep 02, 2020 07:45pm
For the young generation of today - several decades ago VCRs and fax machines were also banned in Pakistan by the 'moral' and 'illiterate' bureaucracy who have no brains to think and cannot see beyond their noses!!
Jill Sep 02, 2020 08:31pm
Pakistan Zindabad now our women will be safe..doesn't matter thet are beaten at home , have X number of kids, honour killed, harresed in public places, this is part and parcel of their miserable lives...but thet should not be on tinder.
Bareerah Fatima Sep 03, 2020 07:59am
@M. Emad I want to recommend you a thousand time...
Illawarrior Sep 03, 2020 09:59am
@Jill Well said!
AhmedLovesIndia Sep 03, 2020 03:47pm
India bans PubG pak bans Tinder
Fawad Ali Sep 03, 2020 06:38pm
That's the right decision, according to Islam successfull marriage is arrange marriage. Thanks to PTA this step is according to islam
Nouman Sep 04, 2020 03:34am
@Ali Vaqar Awan Exactly. They are unable to do anything else and to progress in any other thing except of restricting the youth and to take such types of narrow and cheap measures.
Nouman Sep 04, 2020 03:35am
@Jill Agree!
Lavesh Sep 04, 2020 11:23am
Pakistanis are really making a mockery of PTI.