Daren Sammy calls out racism he experienced during IPL

Updated 10 Jun, 2020 11:39am

Images Staff

"I was being called exactly the same word which is degrading to Black people," said the cricketer.

Daren Sammy is calling out the racism he experienced while playing for The Sunrisers in Indian Premier League (IPL).

The cricketer shared his shock after watching Hasan Minhaj's segment on anti-blackness in South Asian communities as he realised a term Minhaj used was one he was referred to as well.

Initially Sammy took to Instagram to express his outrage upon realising the term was not a praise like he had assumed.

"I just learnt what Kallu meant when I played for Sunrisers in IPL. They called me and Perera by that name. I thought it meant Strong Stallion."

An old Instagram post by cricketer Ishant Sharma has also started making the rounds as an example of what Sammy went through.

Sammy, - who's also participated in Pakistan Super League as part of Peshawar Zalmis - made a video as well in which he called out everyone who referred to him by that term, saying he remembers those around him who said it frequently.

Said Sammy, "I've played all over the world, I've been loved by many people but I need to say this."

"I say this because of what I've experienced. I remembered when I played for Sunrisers in 2014, I was called that exact word that was degrading to Black people. I got very angry about it, knowing now what that word meant. I will be messaging those people, you know who you are.

He added, "Every time I was called this, there was laughter in the moment. Me being a team man, I thought it must be something funny but you can understand my frustration and my anger when it was pointed out to me that it wasn't funny at all. It was degrading."

"You repeatedly called me that word over and over again, to the point that I was even saying, that's my name."

He ended his note saying all those who know him and still used that word with him should reach out and let him know if they knew what that word meant, and if so, he will be very disappointed.

"I have always been one to build up the relationship or build up a team, not bring it down."