There will be five teams, headed by a celebrity captain each, and audiences will be able to participate from home
There will be five teams, headed by a celebrity captain each, and audiences will be able to participate from home

In a world threatened by the coronavirus pandemic, conventional methods of shooting TV programs have come to a halt, but this does not mean that unconventional new ways cannot be adopted.

One had expected that this Ramazan, the usual slew of live game shows would no longer be airing on TV. How could thousands of people sit in an enclosed auditorium and vie to win a motorbike, a car, home appliances, an Umrah ticket – or all of them, if they were lucky?

All those many, many years when we’d watched Fahad Mustafa sprint across an auditorium and climb on to a car and yell ‘Jeeto Pakistan!’ – that was all not going happen this year, right?

But, as it turns out, the car climbing, eat all you can contests, throw a ball in the bucket game and generally yelling around is going to continue.

ARY Digital, the channel where Jeeto Pakistan airs, decided to reinvent their Ramazan programming to make it Corona compliant.

A Jeeto Pakistan Super League has been announced, which will air live every day during the month of Ramazan but without a live audience.

Here’s an outline: There will be five teams, representing five Pakistani cities and each team will have a celebrity captain.

And like a cricket match, two cities will compete against each other every day. New people will play games on the show as part of different teams while maintaining social distancing and whoever makes more runs in a day will score more points.

Ultimately, there will be a final play-off. Live callers will be able to call in and support their particular cities.

The celebrity captains are, of course, going to be adding appeal and there will also be stars coming in as special guests, like they used to in earlier Jeeto Pakistan Ramazan seasons. ARY Digital has not yet revealed who the celebrity captains are going to be.

And a show like this may just be able to boost morale. The health and economic repercussions associated with the coronavirus have created a sense of depression throughout the world. The world is changing and there are fears that life as we know it will not return to normalcy any time soon.

Entire industries are struggling to survive and with shootings halted indefinitely, this includes the TV industry. It is heartening, then, to see Pakistani TV devise new ways of surviving and delivering entertainment.

Moreover, although Ramazan shows have their fans and their critics, there is no denying that they are now a regular feature in Pakistan’s TV industry.

Jeeto Pakistan, in fact, completes seven years this year and has a huge fan following. And perhaps, if people feel entertained in their homes, they will feel more inclined towards practicing social distancing and remain within the safety of their homes. Perhaps.

ARY Digital has also devised new formats to their Iftari and Sehri transmission. In a new world order, there will be new ways of entertaining because, ultimately, the show must go on.