Shamoon Abbasi, Sanam Saeed and others stuck in Thailand after movie shoot

Shamoon Abbasi, Sanam Saeed and others stuck in Thailand after movie shoot

The cast of Ishrat Made in China is stuck post pack-up due to coronavirus travel ban.
Updated 28 Mar, 2020

Due to the onset of the coronavirus outbreak and suspension of International flight operations, the cast of Ishrat Made in China is stuck in Thailand post pack-up.

The film, meant to be Mohib Mirza's debut directorial, had kicked off shooting before Covid-19 became a global pandemic.

Speaking to Images, Shamoon Abbasi said, “Half of the team of Ishrat Made In China directed by Mohib Mirza reached Thailand around the end of February. At the time, the coronavirus issue had not spread as a global pandemic.”

According to Abbasi, “The cast which includes HSY, Mani, Mustafa Choudhry, Ali Kazmi (who flew from Canada) and Sanam Saeed reached the location early. However, Sara Loren, Imam Said and I joined them later around early March.”

“Once we reached, we realised things were starting to get complicated, first it was just China and the west but eventually, the issue had reached Pakistan.”

"Mani, HSY, Ali Kazmi and Mustafa Chowdhry went back, but the rest of our flights were on the 25 March and by then, airports had been sealed. Now we’re waiting for the 4 April to head back," he added.

Sanam Saeed also confirmed the same to Images, sharing that they are "safe and sound".

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The cast is currently four hours away from Bangkok, near a forest that is much cleaner and safer, according to Shamoon Abbasi.

Addressing criticism from his fans who are questioning why they left in the first place, he also stated, "Obviously we’re anxious and uncomfortable being away from our home and families knowing that the issue is getting worse in Pakistan."

"We want to create awareness that when the situation happened, we did not come here to vacation - we were booked for a movie shoot. We had come way before and none of us knew this would happen. Everything escalated in front of our eyes too quickly. But the shoot is over and we're hoping to get back home safely."

Ishrat Made in China was slated for a 2020 release.