Wasim Akram is spending quarantine time in girl dad mode

Updated 22 Mar, 2020 05:15pm

Images Staff

Shaniera shared the cutest video of daughter Aiyla styling her father's hair and this is the wholesome content we need.

While we all understand the importance of social distancing and self-isolating, we can't deny that after a while... it takes a toll on us.

The Akram family is also in lockdown - as we all should be - and they've decided to provide wholesome content to keep us smiling through this tough time.

Shaniera shared the cutest video of daughter Aiyla playing a hairstylist. Her client? Father Wasim Akram. Get ready to say daww!

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We can never resist an adorable father daughter moment and Wasim Akram in girl dad mode just warms our heart. In the current situation of the country, it's good to see wholesome content like this.