Whether it's a weekend getaway or a month-long vacation, travelling is always fun.

What makes the experience more enriching is peace of mind and some handy tools which scream convenience and adventure at the same time.

If you're nodding your head to this, we can tell you're a true travel buff.

Chances are you are all set for your next trip already, but double-check if you've packed everything from our travel essentials' list for 2020; we found all these items at the Explorer store in Zamzama, Karachi.

Travel backpack for light travelers

A travel backpack is a topper on our most essential items' list. This is sturdy and spacious with comfortable straps and even a backrest to ensure you can carry them all day long.

The Victorinox backpack is what we recommend; they're designed for smart travellers who don't want to lug huge suitcases around especially if there is a lot of intercity travel involved, and want all their belongings organised.

A swiss knife for the adventure lovers

If you like living on the edge and most of your travel plans consist of trekking and mountaineering, a swiss knife is a perfect pick for you.

It comes with all the handy tools like a large small blade, a can-opener, screwdriver and its likes and can easily fit in a pocket.

A flashlight for night-trotters

You never know when you need a flashlight. It is a multipurpose tool which does not only provide light when needed but can also be used as an improvised self-defense fix.

Exactly why we recommend you carry a light yet sturdy flashlight on all your trips from now, especially if you plan on exploring the city after the sun sets.

Check out the Maglite Pro+ LED flashlight which will brighten up the way without fail!

Luggage for heavy packers

If you're not one to travel light, hard-shell luggage is a once in a lifetime investment to travel in style.

These provide the safety your items might need from all the hits and bump on the go and even helps keep them organised in the long run.

You might want to look at this Spectra dual-access global carry in red if you're planning to travel anytime soon.

A camera bag for photography enthusiasts

Cameras are undoubtedly the most essential travel gear but what's more important is their safety because those hits and bumps can inflict more damage than you can imagine.

Camera bags come with padded lining which ensures camera safety and can be hung on a shoulder so that saves some luggage space for another outfit or two (Got to look perfect for the photos!)

One-stop shop for all these essentials

The Explorer is a multi-brand travel store located in Zamzama, Karachi, dealing in genuine, travel gear from renowned brands like Victorinox and Felco.

The store can be your one-stop-shop for everything adventure, travel and outdoors.

The products stocked boast high quality and promise stories of adventure and friendship.

Check out their full range of items here.

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