Kamal Khan's next project is a short film about Partition

Kamal Khan's next project is a short film about Partition

Short film Beila is is a collaboration with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy as part of her new HOME1947 series.
Updated 20 Dec, 2019

After winning our hearts with his directorial debut, Laal Kabootar, Kamal Khan has a new project based in 1947.

The filmmaker has collaborated with Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy to launch the HOME 1947 series, of which the first short is already out.

Titled Beila, the short shows Faiza Gillani as a mother singing her baby to sleep on a train as she recalls the horrors she witnessed amidst the violence of 1947.

The film depicts the uncertainty within her as she makes her way to an unknown future.

The film itself shows the dark events that took place in 1947 as folks moved their way to their new home, many not surviving.

The series itself - HOME1947 - aims to follow more such stories of the millions that were displaced during the Partition. It is set to have short films, each story told through the eyes of those who lived through the events that will unfold.

HOME1947 has been co-commissioned by the British Council in Pakistan in collaboration with the Manchester International Festival and Super Slow Way.